Bridesmaid Earrings in a Hurry

A couple days ago, I received a request for a rush order for bridesmaid earrings from a good friend, which I was more than happy to help with.  Making bridesmaid and other wedding jewelry is one of my favorite things to do – I love to help make someone’s special day a wee bit more special with a handmade touch – handmade things make everything a bit more special, no? 🙂

My friend said the earrings were for her cousin and that they liked my Megan in White and Blue, which were the same earrings I made for my other good friend’s beach wedding (except the beach bridesmaid earrings were in white and aqua instead of white and blue).  I think the Megan earrings are really one of the best bridesmaid earrings because the design is simple – it adds to the beauty of the bridesmaid dress, without being too over-the-top.  It helps that I can easily switch out the crystal to match almost any bridesmaid dress color and that they’re quite affordable.  This new order was for the Megan style of earrings except instead of blue, they wanted a deep, rich red color (they called "Claret").  Thank goodness I use Swarovski crystals because they make crystals in nearly every color imagineable – they don’t just make red, they make about 5 kinds of red! 


After visiting a local bead store to pick up the correct crystal color, I gathered my supplies on my work area (aka my coffee table).  I use this neutral-toned bead pad to keep my beads from rolling around and I keep the bead pad on top of the plastic lid of a bin I have containing all my main bead supplies.  I use the lid like a tray so I can carry my project around if need be.


Bit by bit, I made each pair of earrings – nine total.


Bailey was very curious about what I was doing.  He sat just behind my bins of beads and other supplies.


After the earrings were done, it was time to package them for shipment.  Aren’t they pretty?


Here’s a closer shot.


I normally do my packaging in my "official business color" – turquoise, but today I wanted to match the bridesmaid earrings (well, ok, my packaging is a bit brighter than "claret", but it’s closer than turquoise!).  Anywho, I shipped the package today, so let’s hope they love them!

Alrighty then – who else needs bridesmaid or wedding jewelry?  This is fun!

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