Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in the Carolinas!  I took Bailey for a quick walk yesterday to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful, golden leaves.  Bailey enjoyed the fresh air and all the sticks he found on his walk.


He, of course, gravitated towards the largest stick on the lawn.  He just loves sticks – the bigger, the better!  It's especially funny to see him trying to carry the ones he can barely lift.


He was having a blast w/ that stick!


He found a bunch more sticks just next to the creek.  Too many to choose from, eh Bails?


It's so cute to see Bailey all "smiley" like this.  It's almost like he's saying, "Thank you, mommy!"  You're welcome, puppy…glad you had a good time.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend”

  1. Oh gee whiz, could that boy be any cuter? I love it when doggies pick the largest stick in the park and it is way bigger than them!! He is so cute Diana. So glad you are still enjoying your namesake.

  2. Hiya Bailey!! Awww…. his little face stayed just as sweet as when he was a tiny puppy…..and he looks like he is grinning about his stick carrying prowess. How I love a happy little doggy….


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