Morning Errands & a Treat

No sleeping in for me today…I had a meeting with the manager of Maddi's Gallery, a boutique that sells my handmade jewelry designs, this morning and had to rush about a bit to get ready.  


I still managed to get a healthy breakfast, at least, even though I felt quite pressed for time.  I've upped my oatmeal combos recently after having met Kath from Kath Eats.  Her interesting oatmeal combos have inspired me to try adding some new ingredients to my oatmeal, rather than just sticking to the box mixes or simple sugar & milk with plain oats.  Today I had regular quick-cooking oats with some sugar, milk, blueberries, flax seed, and sliced almonds.  It was super good…sort of my version of blueberries & cream (I used to eat the version in the multi-fruit & cream-quaker-box all the time growing up).  Anywho, I wanted to make another jewelry set before leaving for Maddi's and still had to package all the jewelry up and type up my list of designs I was bringing – all of which I did while taking a bite here and there of the oatmeal, chased with sweet & milky coffee.  


We swapped out some old designs for the new ones.  It was interesting to see which designs she wanted to keep and really liked.  I think I dropped off some good stuff today, so I hope it sells well.  We shall see…


After my meeting at Maddi's was over, I decided to walk over to the Barnes & Noble in the same shopping center for a quick treat – coffee & a magazine – woohoo!


I browsed the craft & home magazines and was quite proud that I was able to exert considerable self-control by not buying the twenty-something magazines that caught my eye.  I was hoping to find a Marie Claire Idees, but ended up getting my first copy of Artful Blogging.  I've heard a lot of people mention this magazine in their blogs, so I figured I'd see what the buzz was all about.  I have to say I was happily surprised to see that the magazine not only had a boatload of visual goodies, but had great content, as well.  I really enjoyed reading about the bloggers and seeing the things they had to say about their blogs that they may not have thought to post in their blogs (why they started, where they dream up their posts, etc.).  I think I'm going to enjoy reading this magazine for the next couple weeks.

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