Will Zumba for Great Food

Today was a yucky day.  It rained all day, and it was quite cold.  We're definitely headed for winter now.  We have some more "fall" time left in the season, but today was just dreary.  Is it just me or is it harder to work and feel motivated when it looks like this outside?


Here's a photo from the uptown area of town.  I thought it was interesting how the tops of the buildings faded away into the foggy sky.  You can't even really see the tops of the buildings from here.


Even though the week was long and the weather was tiring, I forced myself to go to a workout class today. I've been participating in this type of workout called "Zumba" for the last year or so (off and on).  The video above is a snippet the instructor, Angie (in the blue sports bra), created awhile back when she worked with a different company.  She's on her own now, but I've followed her from the Y, to B Risque, to today…she now works freelance on her own.  You go girl!  Angie has one of those special gifts that makes her an amazing person to be around.  She is sooo energetic (as I'm sure you can tell by the video), upbeat, and happy.  She makes working out fun, which is no easy task.  Needless to say, I had a blast and was soooo glad I went.  It's amazing that no matter how exhausted I am from the week, I always feel so much better after a good workout with Angie and her helpers.


After a nice, long, and (most importantly) FUN workout, Mr. Chic took me out for a little date night to a local, semi-upscale Mexican restaurant in town called Cantina 1511.  I had a "traditional" sangria while we waited for our table, and then with dinner, I had the most amazing pomegranate-orange margarita on the rocks.  I wish I had taken a photo of the second drink because it was quite spectacular.  The restaurant infuses the tequila with pomegranate seeds for over a week and then creates the most delicious concoction with it.  Yum!


For dinner, I ordered a chicken chimichanga and helped hubby eat some (read one) of his chicken fajitas.  Everything was so delicious and I didn't feel too-too bad eating such awesome food since I had kinda worked for it.  Perhaps I should make a sign for Mr. Chic.  "Will Zumba for Great Food."  Yea?

PS I updated my Flickr…fiiiiinally.  It's been too long.  I have more photos to add, but you guys have seen them all anyways…lol.

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