Dinner & a Movie…And Cupcakes…Yum!

Mr. Chic picked a casserole recipe from that Taste of Home Casseroles mini-mag I got the other day for dinner tonight.  He even picked up the groceries for dinner, the sweetie.


He chose the "Crunchy Beef Bake", which was actually quite similar to the Marzetti recipe we tried from the mag earlier.  The recipe started with fresh green pepper, garlic, and ground beef.


The beef mixture is stirred together with canned tomatoes, cooked pasta, and cream of mushroom soup.  Then, everything is poured into a casserole dish and topped with those crunchy French Onion pieces.  I wasn't sure how I'd like the French Onion stuff, but it really did make the dish.


We'll definitely be making this dish again and I may try doing something with those yummy French Onion bits again in the future now that I know how tasty they are. We enjoyed our crunchy casserole while watching The Breakup.  The movie was kinda sad, but the casserole kept up pretty happy.


I recently saw the most yummy-looking chocolate cupcakes over at A Year in the Kitchen and immediately printed out the recipe.  I wanted to make these babies on Veteran's Day, but I ended up being pretty busy that day.  Or at least, I was busy trying to not be busy…if that makes sense.  lol


The recipe was for the Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake, but like A Year in the Kitchen, I decided to make cupcakes.  It probably helps that the recipe called for 2 9" cake pans or 3 8" cake pans and I only had 2 8" cake pans, but cupcakes are easier to share anyways, right?  My cupcakes weren't quite as pretty as those I saw on A Year in the Kitchen, but they tasted pretty darn good, which was good enough for me.


Hubby helped me decorate the cupcakes with the homemade frosting and some sugar sprinkles.  We made quite a mess, but had a lot of fun.


I think we had the most fun just eating the delicious fruits of our labor, though.



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