Not Sew Simple Fleece Blanket with Satin Binding

I've moved on to my second project (as in the one after the first – click) from a Sew Simple I got some time late last year – a fleece blanket.  The project looked like one of the easiest in the magazine.  Simply cut a rectangle of polar fleece to the size you want (I think I did a yard and half), sew two pieces of satin binding together, then apply the binding to the fleece…voila!


I learned pretty quickly that my project was not sew-simple afterall…at least not for my newbie-sewing-skills.  For one thing, the polar fleece was a slippery thing, indeed!  I couldn't quite get the edge of the fleece exactly to the fold of the binding.  Every time I'd slide the fleece in, it would wiggle itself out


Secondly, the binding was difficult to press.  I melted the first edge of binding trying to press the edge down 1/4 inch.  Luckily, I only burned off an inch and was able to cut away a new edge.  I turned the heat down, but the lower heat didn't help the pressed folds stay-put.  But, the most aggravating thing about this project was how the binding slipped while you were sewing.  You should just see the first edge I did.  It's terrible.  I think 1/4 inch of the binding slipping along the way towards the back, leaving the edge oddly shaped and slightly twisted.  And the mitered edge after that…wow…it's really bad.  Quite embarrassing, actually.  


I plugged along, though, and learned a lot of lessons along the way.  Although the one edge is pretty off-kilter, I think the fleece blanket turned out pretty good for only my second time (click for first) applying binding.  Besides, this is a present for a small boy…he'll probably tear this up in no time anyways, right? 🙂  Hopefully, he'll get lots of good use out of it before then.

6 thoughts on “Not Sew Simple Fleece Blanket with Satin Binding”

  1. I have to tell you that I considered myself a pretty experienced sewer, and polar fleece + satin binding = nightmare.

    If you should feel like you need to do it again the best way is to sew the binding to the front ONLY of the fleece first, then use an invisible thread and sew it to the back.

    Like binding a quilt, but without the handsewing the back of the binding on step.

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