Santa’s Workshop

I took yesterday off from work to finish up some Christmas gifts and bake something for today's Christmas dinner with the fam.  My day-off felt more like a day at work, except, this time, I was working in Santa's Workshop…lol.


I had another pair of those oven mitts to make.  This time, I decided to use pre-quilted fabric to save some time.


I decided to make another change to the way these were sewn from the way the pattern instructed.  Last time I made these, I found sewing the bottom hem as the last step (with the mitt sides already sewn together) extremely frustrating because it's hard to sew in a circle when the circle is so small.  This time, after sewing the ric-rac onto the mitt halves, I sewed the bottom hem a 1/4 inch and then sewed the two oven halves together.  I liked this method better since it was easier on my newbie-sewing-skills.


I also had time to draw and make some little hang tags.


I just love doodling, don't you?


The tags helped finish the oven mitt presentation so I just needed to add some tissue paper, a gift box, and some wrapping paper.


I also made a quick hang tag for that scarf, which I finished over Thanksgiving.


I hope she likes it!

Anywho, we just finished unwrapping presents and having Christmas brunch, so I'm off to take a much-needed relaxation break.  I think I'll work on some of my other knitting WIP's or something.  Ahhh…finally…a day off!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! 🙂

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