I’m a Glutton for WIP Punishment

I was thinking today that I should round up all my WIP's and take a photo of them just to show myself how many of them I actually have…and to prove that perhaps I should focus on finishing one of those WIP's rather than starting a new one.


Instead, I decided to start on a new scarf idea I have in mind for a Christmas present for someone.  The scarf is a going to be a simple garter-stitched scarf that I'm planning to add lots of tassels to.  I found this Paton's Melody Quick & Cozy yarn at the yarn shop, Yarns Etc., I visited this past weekend and thought it would make a great scarf present.  Besides being a pretty cobalt blue, the yarn is also very soft and should knit up quickly since it's a pretty bulky-weight that I'm knitting on size 15 needles.


It's been almost a year since I've knit anything, so I stopped by the yarn shop tonight after work to get some quick knitting refreshers from the nice girl working tonight.  Sadly, I needed help to remember how to cast on to make sure I was remembering the right way to knit and purl.  The girl was very helpful and kind and luckily, I hadn't completely forgotten how to do these basic knitting techniques.  It's like you always hear – knitting is just like riding a bicycle – you never quite forget, but sometimes you need a push in the right direction.  At least this garter-stitch scarf should be good practice for me, eh?  And since most of those other WIP's are non-Christmas presents, I'm going to worry about getting to those later…probably after the holidays.

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