Thanksgiving Detox

I'm attempting to eat as much healthy food as possible in an effort to detox from another indulgent Thanksgiving.  Does any one else do this?

Here's a compilation of some stuff we've been eating over the last day or so.  Sorry to group so much into one post.  Normally, I like to give each meal its own post, but I am getting behind on my posts, so together they will go.


For dinner on Sunday, we were tired from the drive home, so we took a short-cut, and I heated up some frozen soup my sister made – Pasta Fagioli (I don't know what recipe she used).  We had this with a piece of garlic bread, each.


I also made some of Robin Miller's Mixed Berry Crumble (the recipe is actually for peach, but I subbed some frozen mixed berries).  I suppose I shouldn't have had dessert on a detox, but I figured I was getting a fruit serving with some oats.  I also tossed some sliced almonds and flax seed into the topping in an effort to give the dish some more nutrition.  A for effort, right?


For lunch today, I hit up the local grocery store's salad bar and made a salad with mixed baby greens, cucumber, red pepper, carrots, edamame, spinach, sunflower seeds and ranch dressing.  I also got a bowl of chicken and dumpling soup…


…and some more fruit.


For dinner tonight, I made steamed broccoli and cabbage, pecan-rice pilaf (Near East box brand), and a play on Rachael Ray's 4 Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp (basically I cooked what I could remember from the recipe off the top of my head).  Tonight's dinner had to be simple because I had a jewelry order I had to package up and prepare for shipment, plus another little surprise I had to get ready before hubby came home.  Surprise post up next…

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