Bloggies Shop & Eat BBQ

Since I had Monday off and had planned to spend Saturday out of town, I met up with bloggie buddy, April, and her daughter, Bella, Monday afternoon for some crafty shopping and a delicious lunch.


First, we hit up a fabric store where I was really good!  I latched onto a bolt of this yummy floral pattern with bright pinks, turquoises, greens, and yellows that were all toned down by a pastel pink background.  I carried the bolt around the store for about 15 minutes before finally caving into the realization that I was, indeed, going to buy some (been trying to not buy craft supplies lately).  I also picked up 10 fat quarters of some super pretty vintage-y fabric that I think will work well with the fabrics I'm collecting for my quilt!


Next, we hit up a glass shop where they sold stained glass, lampwork beads, and other glass craft materials.  I didn't buy anything here…phew!  I wanted to, though. 🙂


Next, it was time for lunch!  April and I both share a love for this home-town joint, Henry's, which will always have, to me, the world's best BBQ.  April and I got the same thing – Regular BBQ sandwich plate with cole slaw and french fries.  Mmm…


After lunch, we hit up ABC (Atlanta Bread Company) for some hot cocoa.  Bella was working on a hand-knit scarf.  I totally forgot about how I used to do this all the time when I was a kid!  I think the colors look great with her sweater and shirt.


April and I browsed her new collections of magazines – the new Knit Simple and a Quilting magazine with "lots of easy project".  We noted that these "relaxing" projects were far from what we would consider relaxing, but I've only ever made one quilt, so maybe they are marketing this towards die-hard quilt fanatics?  April worked on a baby hat for a friend and I worked on my scarf for my mom's b-day.  We got a lot of good work done and had a blast in the process!  Thanks, April, for the fun day!  Let's do that again some time soon!

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