Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf – Complete!

I finally finished my Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf WIP!  Just in time to give to my mom for her b-day, too!



Above are some more in-process photos.  I worked on this here and there over the weekend.  The yarn is so plush and a dream to work with.  I loved seeing all the different colors of the handpaint showing through here and there.  The browns would transition to the most vibrant turquoise…then to a pretty purple…then a hint of pink.  The colors on this yarn are great!





And, here are some photos of the completed work.  Phew!  I barely finished this on time.  No, seriously, I was working the last row (of the regular pattern) as my parents were pressing me to go, saying "It's going to snow later, you guys better get on the road."  Then, I had to hit up Youtube.com to figure out how to knit in the front and back of a stitch, but found a great video by Knitwitch (I think that's their user name).  I knitted up the last 2 rows (of ruffle) and hid the tails and voila!  Project complete.  B-day present?  Check!  I happily gave mom her new scarf and we hit the road to head on home.

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