Icky Sicky

I woke up today feeling worse than yesterday.  Besides feeling exhausted, my body aches, and my throat hurts a bit.  I feel terrible…don't get me wrong, I've seen worse, but I do feel pretty bad.


Not bad enough to ignore my donuts that I made yesterday, though.  After all that work, I was determined to eat at least two.


Hubby was sweet enough to pick up my prescription and get me some more Country Life Superior Vitamin C.  This vitamin is one of those food-based vitamins (at least that's what they told me at the store), which is supposed to be better for you and easier for your body to absorb than a generic/chemical vitamin.  Here's what a appears to be a legitimate article on the subject (click) if you'd like to read more.  Anywho, I will be  consuming Vitamin C and hot tea like a madwoman all day today.  Round 1 – Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha (Defense).

2 thoughts on “Icky Sicky”

  1. awwww…. I hope you feel better soon Diana… do try to just rest. Make a simple chicken soup with store bought chicken broth… pop in a few spoonfuls of cooked rice and a few bits of chopped green onion….maybe a bit of left over carrot…it is pretty good when you don't feel up to doing much.

    big hugs…


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