Homemade Donuts

A few months ago, I saw a Good Eats episode where Alton Brown made 30 minutes worth of glazed-donut-goodness.  With mouth watering, I promised myself I would try his recipe out soon-ish.  Fast forward to earlier this week when I saw a shared blog popped up on my Google reader.  The blog – ErinCooks.com, the post – donuts!  After seeing Erin's amazing-looking donuts, I decided it was time to give donuts-from-scratch a try.


I planned to make donuts some time over my 4-day weekend, and decided today would be the day.  But, when I woke up, I had that groggy, congested, I'm-sick-feeling, which made me second-guess whether I should still make them.  After delaying for a couple hours over a late breakfast and a couple cups of tea, I finally decided to go ahead and go for them.  I visited Erin's donut post for her adapted Betty Crocker Raised Donuts recipe (click for link), and I went ahead and got the dough prepped, since it had to rise for almost an hour.


After letting the dough rise long enough, it was time for the cutting…

*Update* – Since Lys asked about the donut cutter, I figured someone else may be interested to know.  I got my donut cutter from Sur La Table (click for donut cutter), though they only seem to have 2 1/2 inch while the recipe calls for a 3 inch.  I just lowered my cook time to compensate for the smaller donut size.  I also got my oil temperature gauge (aka candy/deep fry thermometer) from Sur La Table (click for link to thermometer).


…and there were many donuts to be cut.


Then more wait time to let them re-rise.  My donuts didn't really rise the second time, though.  Perhaps I let them go too long the first time?  Or I made some other kind of error?  Who knows?


They looked good enough to me and I had come too far to turn around.  It was time to get cooking!


But, before I could cook, I had to get the oil to the right temperature.  I actually had lots of trouble regulating the oil temp.  I burned the first couple donuts.


I dipped half of one of those slightly-burnt donuts and dipped it into the sugar bowl I had set up and surprisingly, it was pretty tasty.  There was hope still!


I finally got the swing of things and was able to fry up the rest of the dough.



I took Erin's advice and did some donuts in sugar…



…and I did a LOT of donuts in a glaze. I wanted to try out Alton Brown's Chocolate Doughnut Glaze recipe, too, but let me tell you, the donut recipe was no easy feat.  I was so tired by the time I was done with just making the donuts, I wasn't ready to break out another set of pans for the sake of chocolate.  Perhaps if I have a helper next time, I will give that chocolate glaze a go?


Want a bite?


In fact, want a few bites?  This recipe made a smorgasbord of donuts!  Yowsa!  Let's hope hubby is hungry.

8 thoughts on “Homemade Donuts”

  1. OMG! What a ton of work… and…uhm…. you are sabotaging yourself already in the healthy eating department….lol….biscotti is a much healthier snack, trust me…..

  2. Awe…poor little burned doughnuts. I'm glad your oil situation worked itself out. This is definitely a recipe that you have to make with a partner. It's so much work, yields so many doughnuts, requires that extra dipping and sugaring step and all of those variables, plus the timing of the actual doughnut frying makes for some harrowing times. Great job doing this all on your own! I'm not sure I would dare to undertake this recipe that way.

  3. I too would never have the patience to make donuts but those look scrumtious and my mouth was watering. I see you used the donut holes too – lol – I was worried about them being left behind. 🙂

  4. Oh woah, those look amazing! I am grabbing the ingredients to make these, stat! I am sure my girls will love them.

    Next time, try sugar and cinnamon mixed together. Yum!


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