Mom’s B-day Dinner & Cake

My mom is a pretty hands-on kinda person, so her real b-day dinner was take-out from PF Changs Saturday night.  Getting take-out is often the only way to get her to sit still and attempt to relax, rather than spending the entire night in the kitchen.  I forgot to take photos of everything from PF Changs because I was too hungry to wait, so here are photos from Sunday night, which is when mom made lasagna and Sissy and I baked her b-day cake.



We started with a lasagna recipe from an old Disney cookbook we have.  I used this cookbook when I was kid to cook some of my first ever dishes.  This was my first time my mom ever made lasagna (which I was shocked to learn).  We followed the directions to a 'T', but it came out a bit dry.  We'll have to add more sauce if we make this again.


Mom served the lasagna with a nicely sized romaine-leaf salad with red onion and tomato.  I used some Olive Garden salad dressing they had on hand to top mine off.  I keep forgetting you can buy the stuff (mental note: buy OG salad dressing next time you're there).



Sis doc'ed up a regular ole' box of Butter Pecan cake (our mom's fave flavor) using a recipe adapted from The Cake Doctor (which I can't post b/c i don't have it!   Oops!) to make the cake extra moist.  Mom shared a trick to getting exactly half of a batter in each of two baking pans – weigh them.  It seems so obvious and yet, I didn't think to try it last time I baked in two cake tins.


After the cake was done baking and while the cake cooled, I was in charge of the frosting.  I had a vision in my head of how the finished cake would look.  I had this really cool Praline-kinda cake a couple years ago (ok, several pieces of this cake, but over a few months) and it was a delicious two-tiered cake with sloppy layers of frosting that casually and lop-sidedly (that's a word, right?) draped the sides of the two layers of cake without completely covering them.  It had this nifty mad-hatter look to it that made it look as though it had put together without a care for what it looked like, but it looked tasty to me.


I layered the first cake with what I thought would be enough frosting to squish out the sides, but it wasn't.  I barely eeked out of one side, so I scrapped my original idea and just frosted the whole thing like a regular two-tiered cake.  Maybe next time I'll be able to re-create my magical praline cake?


We only found one candle for the cake.  It was broken, too, but it worked.


You can excuse all the large-sized cake photos, right?  You know the sweet-tooth in me likes to see these sugary photos as big as they get. :)  (Psst…the photos get bigger if you click on them!)


My slice of the cake…yum!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

3 thoughts on “Mom’s B-day Dinner & Cake”

  1. That is so funny about take-out!! My mother in law on the other hand HATES to cook, it takes everything to get her in the kitchen! haha

    Happy Birthday to you mom! The cake looks so yummy!

  2. That cake looks delicious! I love layer cakes. I would love to have the time and energy to create either a carrot cake or coconut layer cake but what would I do with all that cake? Its just me and the hubby..BTW, love the colors in that scarf and it looks perfect on Bailey. Maybe you should make him one too? 😉


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