Progress Report – Living Room – Check!

Good news, guys!  I finished cleaning/organizing the living room today!  I tackled the easiest room first, figuring that it would be a good moral boost to see something complete, and it was!  I feel better already.


I started by picking up around the room.  I located items that didn't belong and put them in their proper place.  Note, I said proper place…I tried my hardest to not just move the mis-placed items to another room to create more work for myself later. 

Other good tasks completed so far today:

  • Cleaned/dusted coffee table.
  • Vacuumed carpet
  • Sorted/trashed/stored old magazines
  • Finished the dark load of laundry
  • Washed placemats
  • Ate lunch
  • Had some Honey Lemon Ginseng Tea
  • Watched the inauguration
  • Brushed Bailey's hair (did this before vacuuming)
  • Did some blog posts
  • Checked email

Ok, I'm off to tackle the dining room!

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