Snow Day…Really This Time

We woke up to snow this morning!  Real, live snow!  Ok, most people who actually get snow on a regular basis will not think that these "flurries" are "snow", but this is "snow" to us in the south!

Picture 048 

Look how white it is outside!  No 4 foot drifts or anything, but I love how it looks like it's glowing!

Picture 053 

We took Bailey out to play in the snow.

Picture 054 

This is only his second time seeing snow.  I think he likes it.

Picture 063 

The snow wasn't coming down hard, but it did stick a little at first.

Picture 068 

Snow in the holly bush.

Picture 070 

A winter wonderland.

Picture 082 

I think Bailey wants to go back outside.

5 thoughts on “Snow Day…Really This Time”

  1. I love the pics of Bailey! It's funny to see your pictures of snow with the amount that we have in Guelph (in the heart of the snowbelt in SouthWestern Ontario). I let my kitty, Butternut, out on the balcony in the snow occasionally… it's so cute to see her little paw prints!

  2. Oooo lucky you! No snow here in Greenville yet! My dog likes the snow; he's had some experience with Michigan snow and he would just lay on the snow, chilling out!

  3. I grew up with snow, lots and lots of snow. But after I moved to the Pacific NW, it became a distant memory.

    Until this past Christmas when the whole city shut down for 2 weeks because of a rare snow storm.

    I loved every minute of it. Enjoy your snow!


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