I’m Such a Goober Sometimes

Yesterday, I did something completely stupid and idiotic that seems to be a bit of a trend for me from time to time.  See, we had been planning for awhile to visit my parents this weekend to hang out with my mom for her birthday.  A couple weeks ago, I got an invite for a baby shower for my sorority sister, Courtney, and the location would be about an hour and a half away from my parent's house, so I planned that Saturday would be my baby-shower day, and the rest of the weekend would be for my mom.  Friday night, I stayed up till 1 am finishing those baby booties I've been working on for her gift.  Saturday (yesterday), I got all gussied up, grabbed my new (guess it's not so new, but it still is to me) camera and headed out of town.  I was so excited to see my friend, celebrate her new family, and be there when she opened her gift!

Picture 032  

However, when I arrived at my destination, something seemed amiss.  There were no other cars and no decorations indicating a special event was taking place.  I got a sinking feeling that I had done something terribly wrong and double-checked my watch.  Yes, it was almost exactly 2PM (the start time of the event).  Did I have the wrong location?  The wrong time?  Why didn't I print that darned evite out, I wondered?!  I gathered my camera and gift and headed up to the front door anyways.  I had been to this house before for Courtney's wedding reception.  It was her mom's house, so I felt comfortable with the fact that I was most likely about 5 seconds from making a total ass out of myself.  When Courtney's mom opened the front door, I timidly asked if I was at the right location for her baby shower, and she regretfully told me that the shower was Sunday.  Oh no, I thought to myself…not again!  Her mom was very nice about everything and clearly felt terrible for me, but I was mostly just mad at myself and felt like a complete moron.  See, I don't know why, but I seem to do this kind of thing all the time!  I show up to appointments at 3PM, when they're supposed to be at 2PM.  I go to the wrong places.  I just mess it all up somehow.  I haven't done something like this in awhile, but I guess I messed up pretty good this time, eh?

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I handed Courtney's mom Courtney's baby shower gift and explained that I may not be able to make it on Sunday, since I was supposed to be spending the weekend with my mom and may possibly have to go back home (I have Monday off, but wasn't sure when we were leaving).  About 5 minutes after I left, Courtney called me and she said she was so sorry that I had gone all the way there and she didn't get to see me.  She also said that she would be really excited to see me Sunday if I could make it, but totally understood if I couldn't.  She was really sweet about everything and it made me feel 10 times better.  After I got off the phone with her, I gassed up my car, got some snacks, hit up the rest room and turned around to head back home.  I had the whole car ride to think about what a stupid mistake I'd just made, but it was all washed away when I saw Bailey waiting in the window for me when I got back.

Btw, the baby booties are the Hot Step pattern in the Candy Crochet book.  These are supposed to be bears, but I think they look more like monkeys. 

Picture 163

After my little misadventure, I decided I needed some retail therapy.  I wanted to get something fun, but not too expensive.  Maybe something for my kitchen since I just cleared out all those old plates and what not.  Mom and I went to Pier 1 first and I was sadly disappointed to not find one single thing there I wanted to get.  I looked at the mugs, the plateware, the placemats, the table cloths, the pillows…nothing!  Next, we hit up Macy's, thinking surely Martha would pull through with something from her Marth Stewart collection.  Again, I didn't see a thing.  Fiiinally, Williams Sonoma pulled through for me with the most amazing deal I've seen in a long time.  I got two sets of a 4-pack of placemats.  I love the embroidery and the color will be perfect for when (if) we host Thanksgiving. 

Picture 168 

I had to do a serious double-take when I saw the price tag.  $5.49 down from $59?!  I thought they had typoed the price and had to check a couple other sets to verify.

Picture 170 

I found one 4-pack of semi-matching napkins.  I'll call them "coordinating". :) 

Picture 171 

I had to do another double-take on this price tag, as well.  $3.49 down from $39.  I have to wonder, though, who buys this stuff at full price?  I guess I may consider it if it were for a very special occasion?

Picture 174 

My final most-awesome deal I got was this box of Godiva chocolates…50% off!  Hubby and I used to do this trick all the time when we started dating and were just waiting tables.  We'd go to the Godiva shop the day (or days) after a holiday and sure enough, they'd have the holiday-wrapped chocolates half off.  Same delicious chocolate…old decoration.  We didn't care what the box looked like…we just wanted the candy!

I've also been wanting to get a box of chocolates to re-create a little something I learned in France.  See, I did an exchange to France in high school and stayed with a French family, and every night, after dinner, they would open this gigantic box of chocolates, and we would each have one, maybe two, pieces.  The poor family probably had no clue what a raging sweet-tooth I was, eying their box of chocolates from the other side of the room, mouth watering with the taste of a single piece of chocolate still melting away on my tongue, still wanting to tear into that box of chocolates gobbling down every last piece.  But, I refrained. :)  Eventually, I learned that a single piece of chocolate actually makes a rather awesome dessert – one that is decadent without being too over-the-top.  One that fulfills my sweet-tooth without making me feel terribly over-stuffed.  And, one that I would like to enjoy again.

So, have you ever done anything bone-headed like I did yesterday? 

2 thoughts on “I’m Such a Goober Sometimes”

  1. hahahhah…. don't worry Diana… you are definitely not alone. We've all had our "moments"..okay..here's one.

    I went to the bank, deposited my husband's paycheque into our chequing account via the ATM machine… then on the way out of the banking area…had those hot prickles of realization… ACCKKKKK!! I had just put it into the wrong bank and of course, the totally wrong account!! And, worse yet, it was Saturday. Nothing could be done about it til Monday morning. When I got home… Greg was not a happy camper. The bank I put it into could do absolutely nothing with it… it was made out to his company… not him personally…so it had to be retrieved and put into the proper bank account…at another bank.
    Early Monday morning I was there waiting for the door to open.. to retrieve the cheque… blush… the woman who had to open the bank machines… and go through every piece of paper in it to find the cheque..was not a happy camper and let me know it. I felt about 2 inches tall…. and sure hope I don't ever do anything quite that stupid again….but, I probably will. Oh, well…I survived and lived to laugh about it… Greg was not laughing at the time….. sniff….. but, he eventually cooled down and we do laugh at it now….


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