This Week’s Challenge – Sneak Peek

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Challenge – Sneak Peek”

  1. I'm in too 🙂

    I had pumpkin oatmeal yesterday and today and it was YUMMM-O!. Today's was better though. I think the taste is better when you cook the oats a little longer once you stir the pumpkin in :9 I'll post pictures in my blog later.

    I love blueberries and have them on cold cereal pretty much every week. I have a whole pint so maybe I'll try making something new with them this time 😉

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!!


  2. As it happens, blueberries are on sale this week! Blackberries too, yum! When I was a teenager, I worked on a fruit farm and could eat all the berries I wanted. Those were the days!


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