A Very Duke Weekend

For Christmas, hubby got Duke tickets for the Duke/Maryland game this weekend from his aunt & uncle, so we headed out of town last night.

Duke 031

We usually get Cracker Barrel for dinner on road trips, but last night we stopped by Olive Garden instead.  I had a berry sangria to kick things off…I LOVE the OG's sangria. 

Duke 007
Duke 030

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Hubby and I split the Cheese Fonduta for an appetizer, salad & breadsticks (of course!) and chicken parmesan sub fettuccine alredo.  Even when we split the entree, I can barely finish my portion.  I ate about half of it and half a breadstick, as you can tell by all my leftovers.

Duke 037
Duke 038 

We woke up, had breakfast, and got ready for the game.  Since we're not Iron Dukes, we had to park pretty far away.  Luckily, we spotted these two guys in the blue and followed them all the way to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke 041 

Once we got closer, we saw lots more people.  To the right is Cameron Indoor Stadium and to the left (where you can just see all the tops of the tents) is Krzyzewskiville (aka K-Ville).

Duke 042 

The funny thing is that Cameron doesn't even really look like a gymnasium or anything.  Look at that stonework!

Duke 043
Duke 052 

Duke 044
Duke 045 

Once inside, we headed for the Hall of Fame area and browsed the displays.  We saw Duke's 3 national championship trophies and some other interesting set-ups.

Duke 048 

Here's a Christian Laettner display.  I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo with my foot in it, but his shoes are HUGE!

Duke 056 

After browsing the Hall of Fame, hubby grabbed a Coke, and we headed to our seats.

Duke 059 

We were pretty far up, but it's a small stadium, so they were still good seats.

Duke 058 

See…great view!

My camera was about to die (typical!) but I took a quick few seconds of video to show what it's like inside Cameron.  Note Cameron Crazies waving their arms about.  They don't show how crazy these guys really are on TV.  Seeing a Duke game in person is truly an experience…and a fun one!

Duke 065 

Final score: 85 to 44.  All I have to say is, thank goodness we won!  Hubby got so anxious when we went to the Duke/Carolina game that I thought he was going to pass out or burst into expletives or something crazy.  Of course, that was the Duke/Carolina game, Carolina being their heated rivals for those not familiar with ACC basketball.  

Duke 067
Duke 068 

After the game, we headed to the court for some quick photos.

Duke 075
Duke 076 

Then, we went by Krzyzewskiville.  We didn't really see any students, but it was pretty cold outside, so most of the tents were pretty zipped up.  For those who don't know, these tents are housed by Duke students who are waiting for the opportunity to go to the Duke/Carolina game, which isn't until Feb. 11.  I believe the students have already been camped out here for at least a week…maybe more!

Duke 078 

After the game, we also got to tour a bit of the campus.  The architecture is beautiful and the weather was much nicer by the time we got out of the stadium.

Duke 087 

We also did some shopping at the University store.  I got a Duke tank top tank and long sleeve shirt. 

Duke 081
Duke 083 

We stopped for a snack on the way home.  We split this BBQ plate.  I had a small-half of a sandwich, a couple hush puppies, and a few bites of the baked beans and mac and cheese.

All in all, a great day!  I hope hubby had fun with his fave team…this weekend is his birthday weekend!

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