Dog Walking in the Sun

Do you ever hear a song on the radio or TV and can’t get it out of your head afterwards? That’s what happened with me and that song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat, which I’ve been listening to all day:

This post is best enjoyed while this song is playing. If you’re in Google Reader, etc., you may have to open the post to view the video.

After downloading the one song, I decided to get Colbie’s CD, Coco, too on iTunes. I just finished burning a copy of the CD with “Lucky” added as the first song. The CD has a really fun, easy-going beach theme that reminds me of days like today – Beautiful weather, lots of sun, and a slow pace. I’ll probably be listening to this CD a lot this spring/summer. Speaking of spring, that’s what today felt like.


The weather hit 69 degrees F, so around noon, we took Bailey for a walk in a local park.


Look at that blue-blue sky!


The park was super busy. There were tons of people running, walking, and playing with their dogs.


Bailey was fascinated by the ducks. I thought he was going to jump in after them.


Bailey had a great time.


But, he got pretty worn out. Luckily, the park has a dog-sized water fountain.


But even with the water, Bails had to take a couple rest-stops.


Another break.


Heading home.

Bailey is asleep on the couch as I type. He is one worn-out boy! He’s been napping since we got back from the walk…lol. I’m sure he’ll be up for another walk, if we are, tomorrow.

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