SCBR Week 1/Day 7 Food/Exercise Journal

10:00 am – Coffee – Awake


Bailey let us sleep in till 9:30 am this morning, so I had a late coffee and a slightly larger than normal cup of my fave Breakfast Blend with 2 heaping tsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of 2% milk. Why is coffee so darn good in the AM?

10:30 am – Kashi Honey Sunshine + 2% Milk – Satisfied


I had plans to make some turmeric scrambled eggs, but totally forgot in my grogginess. I ended up just having a big bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine (about 1 1/2 cups) with some 2% milk since it didn’t require cooking.

12:30 pm – Walk with Bails – Energized


At around 12:30 pm, we took that walk that I blogged about earlier with Bailey, for about 45 minutes. The weather was so beautiful today (just near 70 degrees F), so it was great to be able to enjoy it. Today was my last day to get my 3 days of walking for my Week 1 of SCBR, but since I already worked out 3 times this week, I’ll consider today’s walk a bonus for brownie points. 🙂

2:15 pm – Leftover/Pantry Pasta – Satisfied


For a late lunch, I decided to throw together a pasta dish using leftovers and pantry items. I sauteed some chopped red onions (leftover from Thursday night’s dinner), leftover collard greens (that I saved in the freezer), leftover chicken (from Thursday night’s dinner), and some pantry items: linguine pasta, chicken broth, fresh garlic, grape tomatoes, salt, & pepper. Oh, and parmigiano reggiano cheese, too.


The combo sounded odd, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it was pretty darn good considering I didn’t have a recipe and basically used leftover stuff from around the house. Cost-efficient + Resourceful…I likey. I also like using food so I don’t have to toss it. I hate to waste food.

I cleaned out my fridge today and tossed out way more expired food than I’d like. I really do hate to waste food. Today, though, I noticed a bad habit of mine – hoarding. I never really noticed before, but it seems like I keep food around so I have it, but the whole hoarding idea doesn’t really work with food, does it, since food expires? I need to work on trying to use up my foods as soon as possible (within reason, of course).

3:00 pm – Banana-Vanilla-Wheat Germ Yogurt – A Little Overfull


Shortly after lunch, I felt like I needed a little something else. I kind of wanted yogurt, but I wanted to add fruit to it, so I decided to have a Wallaby Banana Vanilla yogurt.


To make it more banana-y, I added a sliced organic banana. The ones we had delivered earlier this week were completely green when we got them, so I hardly noticed they had ripened already. I need to eat these up quick or freeze them! To give the yogurt more substance, I tossed some toasted wheat germ on top. I thought this snack would be light, and it was light but entirely more filling than I anticipated. I was also surprised at how good the wheat germ was with this combo. It kind of reminded me of the crumb topping of a crisp-style dessert…yum!


I also had a Yogi Tea in Ginger. I am so addicted to the spicy flavor this tea has.


Yogi quote of the day: “Recognize that you are the truth.”

8:15 pm – Chicken Tortilla Soup + Turkey Sammy – Satisfied


I met up with a friend to do a little shopping and grab a quick dinner. We hit up Panera where I sampled some chicken tortilla soup before deciding on my dinner.


I ended up getting the You-Pick-Two with…


…that chicken tortilla soup…


…and Turkey Bravo with has turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and smoked gouda.


I also had a small glass of water. Dinner was pretty good. I normally don’t like soup & sandwich type meals for dinner, but my friend really wanted to go for their Greek salad. It did look good. The soup was pretty tasty, but wasn’t good when the tortillas got soggy. The sammy was quite tasty. The bread was really good. We stayed till 15 minutes after close. We totally didn’t realize they were closed, but when we found out, we decided to continue our conversation at Starbucks.

9:30 pm – Kid’s Soy Hot Cocoa + Mini Vanilla Scone – A Little Overfull


I don’t like to drink a lot of liquids after 4 pm-ish, so I got a kid’s hot cocoa. It’s really a “short”, but if you order a “kid’s” it’s cheaper. Actually, at Starbucks, “short” used to be their “small.” At some point, they decided “tall” would be their “small” and the rest is history. They don’t advertise this, but supposedly, you can get any drink in the “short” size.


I also got a mini vanilla scone. I was pretty full by the time we got to S-bucks, but I just love these little things and I haven’t had one in forever. I decided to splurge. You probably can’t tell from the photo, but these scones are about 1/3 the size of regular S-bucks scones. They make a nice snack (healthy…not so much….tasty…you bet!)

I also got a fudge brownie to take back to hubby. He loves his sweets…just like me!

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  1. I love wheat germ – it's great in so many things. You should try it in pancakes – just sub some of the flour for it – so good. And those mini scones are great 🙂

  2. I love wheat germ, too. I had heard that about the Starbuck's small, but I've never ordered a little one. And I've never tried that Kashi cereal you had for breakfast, but it looks so good!


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