Look Ma! New Shoes!

February is almost over, which means I finally feel comfortable spending some of my shop-budget money for the month. I mean, I am perfectly comfortable blowing all the money as soon as the month starts, but I’m trying to pay better attention to my finances, so I decided to wait it out. I mentioned awhile back that there were quite a few things I want to get at the moment, but neglected to put 2 items on that list: new running shoes and a pair of dance shoes.


Well, I decided to get the dance shoes this past Friday, and I think I have a pretty good, logical reason for pushing this purchase to the front of my buy-list.


My knees starting bothering me earlier this past week…Thursday/Friday-ish. I brushed it off at first, but then found this article on runnersworld.com, a site my friend emailed me about. C seemed to be the closest answer to match, but who knows? I’m not a fan of trying to diagnose myself using web sites. The point is that I guess I’m just not as young as I used to be. I keep forgetting that I’m not in the shape I was when I was skating 6 times a week. I’ve been pushing it pretty hard last week and I guess all the walking/jogging was jarring my out-of-shape legs more than I knew. I realized that I really need to start taking better care of my body by resting when it’s tired or uncomfortable and by giving it the proper equipment to protect it.

My instructor recommended getting some dance-style shoes saying they would be better for my feet and I would have an easier time dancing in class. I’ve heard other people say they’re good for your knees, so it seemed like a no brainer to get them. I got in to work early Friday and was able to leave early to try to get these shoes before my Friday dance class. Now, I know that I said that I need to listen to my body and rest it, but…well, I’m stubborn. The Friday dance class is the only 1 of the week that I can make and I had been looking forward to it all day, so I was pretty determined to go. I figured I’d rest up the rest of the weekend, if needed, to make up. Anywho, I ended up spending about 1 hour on the road and in stop and go traffic to get to the shop, Lebo’s, where they sell western and dance goods. I quickly found the shoes and picked up a wrap skirt to wear to skating next time I go (I had gone all that way, might as well have gotten that while I was there, no?). The traffic was way worse than I thought it would be and I pulled into the parking lot for class 2 minutes after the start-time.

I sat in the car for a minute wondering if I should go in. I absolutely hate going to things late and didn’t want to be rude, but like I said, I was really determined to go. I decided, what the heck, I’m here, I may as well go, late or not. I got to the class as they were getting started, put on my new shoes and got to dancing.


The new shoes were quite weird looking (I didn’t do much formal dancing as a kid/teen). They didn’t have any sole in the middle. They seemed quick slick and without traction on the bottom. I was worried I was going to fall on my hiney during class and totally embarrass myself, but guess what? The shoes were awesome! A totally worthy investment! They didn’t slip at all, and I didn’t even notice the “weird” sole. They were actually much easier to dance in and made me feel more “professional“…haha. 🙂 Speaking of professional, they started training peeps from my class to be instructors. I am toying with the idea of asking about it/signing up. I think it would be so fun to teach a class, but I’m not sure if my work schedule would let me commit due to the high-probability of traveling. Either way, I was totally glad I went to class…I had a great workout and a great time!

Semi-related reader question: When you were kids/teens, did anyone else ever want to dress like their idol when they did a sport? When I did ice-skating, I remember I got a necklace just like Michelle Kwan’s and wore it religiously every day…just like her, of course. My mom’s friend actually brought it back with her from China! I still have it somewhere.

In-closing…Remember to take care of yourselves. I’m not saying go have a shopping spree at a sporting goods store, but try to listen to your body and budget for the proper equipment. Your body will thank you for it. 🙂 With this in mind, I think I’m going to have to use my next budget purchase on new running shoes. Mine are about 5 years old (though I have only worn them for walking, primarily)! I doubt they offer any sort of support, so I’m thinking new shoes would be much better for me and my walking/attempt at running.

PS My knees feel fine today! Must have been the shoes….haha…jk. Either way…Yay! Hopefully, I’ll get a good workout tomorrow!

PSS It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow…a lot (for us)! Let’s hope it doesn’t start too early…I’m supposed to have a most-awesome brunch with some friends and I really want to go!

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