SCBR Week 2/Day 2 Food/Exercise Journal

7:30 am – BB/Hazelnut Coffee – Awake


I was feeling a lot better when I woke up today. I even only snoozed for 15 minutes unlike the long snoozes I had last week. To switch things up, I brewed my coffee today with half FM Breakfast Blend and half FM Hazelnut. I love mixing flavors together. This mix was pretty tasty. I added my usual 2 tsp sugar and 2 tbsp (still guestimates on measurements).


I also had 2 pieces of Great Harvest Bread Company bread with a little butter. I use real butter…I don’t like margarine. From glancing over my new health books, it sounds like margarine isn’t very good for you anyways, so I don’t think I’m missing out on much.

11:00 am – Water + Almonds – Getting Hungry


At 11 am, I started getting hungry for lunch already, but I didn’t bring any today, so I just had some water…


…and some salted almonds. They helped, but I didn’t realize I was going to be trapped in the meeting till 1:45 pm. The worst part was that I had more snacks and even those new health bars, but I was holding out on eating them because I thought I’d get to lunch sooner.

Do you like my heater on in the background? I am always cold in the office! lol

1:45 pm – Chix Veggie Soup + Crackers – A Little Hungry


I finally escaped the office to pick up a quick lunch. I got a cup of Chicken Vegetable soup with some crackers (only ate 1 packet or crackers, though). The soup was really good and was made with shredded chicken, which I prefer over chunks of chicken any day. There’s something about the texture.


I also got a small side of tabbouleh. Have you tried this stuff before? It’s so good and a great cleanser.


It’s contents vary from place to place, but tabbouleh usually has chopped herbs (parsley + mint), tomatoes, onions, etc. Tabbouleh also has a tangy taste to it, probably from lemon juice.

2:30 pm – Wallaby + Banana + Wheat Germ – Satisfied


I brought ingredients to make one of my new fave snacks – yogurt + fruit + toasted wheat germ.


I combined a blueberry Wallaby yogurt, sliced organic banana, and toasted wheat germ. This stuff is so good!

I enjoyed the snack, but started feeling “off” again towards the end of the day. What on earth is up here?

5:15 pm – Dog Walk – Energized

The funny thing about having been very athletic and fit before and trying to get back into it is that it’s still a difficult thing to do, even though you know how much better you’ll feel afterwards. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a regular work-out schedule, so I’m not in the habit like I used to be. I know better. I just have to will myself to do better.

I came home from work around 5 PM today (early!), but I still felt drained. I was looking forward to relaxing on the couch and watching some DVR’ed FoodTV that I seriously need to catch up on (I think I must have about 30 Everyday Italians & Barefoot Contessas in my recorded list). I reminded myself that I need to do, minimum, 3 30-minute walks this week for SCBR and that if I try to put it all off last minute, they may not get done at all. I wanted to do a yoga workout, but my wrist was bothering me last night and I slept in my wrist brace, so I brushed off that idea. The sun was still out and the weather was still warm at a cloudy 66 degrees F. I figured it would be good to get some fresh air – for me and Bails.


After all the logical reasoning I could come up with, I willed myself to change clothes and got myself out the door. Oh, did I mention that I also don’t like walking alone because I’m paranoid of being attacked and considering our neighborhood is relatively safe, but near some not-so-safe neighborhoods, I don’t think my paranoia is totally unwarranted. Did I mention that we’ve had 4 break-ins in the last couple weeks? Yea…scary stuff. Anywho, I talked myself out of that excuse too by pointing out that I was walking around rush hour and lots of people would be coming home, so if I walked through the neighborhood, in the daylight, when people were driving around (though the neighborhood is a wee bit more quite than I’d like) that I’d be relatively safe. I also took my cell phone with me…just in case.

Bails and I set out for a walk around the neighborhood and made it back in 30 minutes. Hubby likes to mosey more than I whenever we walk and lets the dog sniff around, but I kept Bailey pretty close to me the whole time, trying to get him to “heel.” The pace of today’s walk was much faster than normal and even felt like more of a work-out than normal. Either way, I was glad to get out and about for a bit and the exercise, albeit short, was a welcome addition to the day.

One workout down, two to go!

6:45 pm – Toast + Tomatoes + Pomegranate Juice – A Little Hungry


I will be so happy when hubby is through with his late-nights. I was so hungry trying to wait for him and decided that it was better to snack on something than to be hungry for a couple hours, so I had a piece of toast (again)…


…some grape tomatoes…


…and some pomegranate juice (straight-up…no cocktails tonight).

9:30 pm – Wonton Soup + Brown Rice + Tea – Satisfied


My stomach was (still!) feeling uneasy, so instead of cooking the food we have on hand, I sent hubby out for PF Changs wonton soup. I figured it would be easy to eat and pretty nourishing. Before he got back, I got my teapot started to heat up some water for tea. I made some Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support.


Yogi quote of the day – “Open up to infinity and you become infinity.”


I put a little soup in a bowl since I was unsure how I’d react to eating it. This was Round 1.


Soup Round 2.


I also had some brown rice, which I drizzled with soy sauce after taking this photo.


I also had a fortune cookie, which read, “The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”

Dinner went down pretty well. Not sure what’s going on, though. It almost feels like a low, monotone motion-sickness or something. So bizzaro!

10:00 pm – Pear – Satisfied


I’d like to eat more fruits & veggies, so I’m hoping to have more fruit for dessert…especially since we’re getting all the organic fruits & veggies delivered. Tonight, I had one of the pears we had delivered last Tuesday. It was crisp and clean tasting and seems to be helping my stomach, which is good.

I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight. I’m off to read and hopefully sleep soon!

5 thoughts on “SCBR Week 2/Day 2 Food/Exercise Journal”

  1. Oh my, 4 break ins!!!! Very scary! Be safe! Your walk sounds like a good one!

    I need to try this wheat it similar in taste to flax?

    YAY for butter!!! I think it tastes so much better that margrine and everything I have read said to stay away from marg and use real butter ! 🙂

    Hope you feel ON today 🙂

  2. congrats on getting out the door while it was still light out! sounds like it was a pretty safe time for a walk, but its important to be cautious!! hope you are feeling better today 🙂 good job eating what your tummy was craving!!


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