Better together: Food combos amp the nutrition

Absolute Organics sent this fabulous article along with next week's delivery list: Better together: Food combos amp the nutrition.  The article talks about how certain foods, paired together, can increase nutritional benefits.  How cool!?

Combos I currently eat:

  • Peanuts + Wheat – I had peanut butter toast for breakfast!
  • Fruit Salad – I could stand to eat more of these, though
  • Tomatoes + Broccoli – I love pasta dishes with tomatoes + Broccoli (we're getting broccoli next week, too!)

Combos I want to try:

  • Kale + Lemon – I love how lemon accents the flavor of almost everything!
  • Oatmeal + OJ – I like both of these but rarely eat them together…gonna have to work on this one
  • Red Meat + Rosemary – just sounds delish!  I haven't had steak in quite some time either.
  • Tomatoes + Avocado – We have avocado arriving next week, so maybe I'll make guac with toms?

Reader question: Which is your fave combo or combo you want to try most?

2 thoughts on “Better together: Food combos amp the nutrition”

  1. This is a great list! I do love my fruit salads. I also love guac + toms (or just guac + salsa). Definitely want to try OJ and oatmeal – maybe I'll sliced up an orange and add it to my oats instead of the standard banana!


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