Fuzio (Pasta Lunch) + Yogen Fruz (Healthy Yogurt Dessert)

By Friday of my San Fran trip, it was pretty apparent that I wasn’t going to get to hit up every hot-eats spot I wanted to try, but I sure had fun trying! I’ve made mental notes for some places to try (and return to) next time!


I really wanted to order room service for at least one of the mornings, but work up too late both days! Next time, I’m going for the “Multi Grain Pancakes – Caramelized Bananas, Granola, Maple Syrup and Butter.” Wow! Sounds tasty, no?


My clients took me out to lunch on Friday to a place called Fuzio. The walk there was really cool with all the super tall, Financial District buildings everywhere.


The restaurant had all kinds of pastas – mainly Italian and Asian-based pastas.


The interior was simple and clean.


I had strawberry lemonade to drink – haven’t had this in ages!


Since I’m not eating meat on Fridays for Lent, I went for seafood (I don’t think you’re technically supposed to eat seafood either but my family always allowed seafood on Lent-Fridays when I was growing up so I’m keeping up the “tradition”). I knew I was having veggies for dinner, so shrimp sounded good.

I had the Shrimp Pomodoro, which was surprisingly good. I expected the dish to come out a bit flavorless, but everything was delicious and there were plenty of shrimp in there – I think 7 or 8! The pasta was well-cooked, as were the shrimp – nice and firm. The sauce paired with the basil really made the dish and was quite good. I also enjoyed the little piece of focaccia on the side, which was just the right size!


On the walk back, I noticed an amazing view of the Bay Bridge far in the distance.


Scattered through all the buildings were tons of mini gardens and plenty of plant-life. It really livened up the walk past all the gray buildings.


I don’t know how we got to talking about it but someone brought up a yogurt dessert place. My mind immediately went to all those amazing froyo-type desserts I’ve seen all over the blogosphere that I’ve been drooling over and unable to purchase in my home-town. My clients were so nice to swing by yogen fruz after lunch so I could grab something.


I had no idea how the yogen fruz concept worked or how to order, but I winged it. It was pretty simple…just confusing the first time when you don’t want to look a fool in front of the long line behind you. For example, I didn’t know they blended the ingredients you selected into your yogurt. How cool!? I thought I was ordering toppings. Turns out you do that after the blending…whoopsie!

What I liked most about the concept was how healthy it was. They used frozen yogurts that were more like yogurt than ice cream, thank goodness! The yogurts even had probiotics in them along with vitamins and antioxidants!


I was so overwhelmed by all the amazing flavor/blend-in options, I only managed to sputter out that I wanted blueberries and kiwi (this is when I didn’t know they’d be mixed in…together!). The concoction was actually quite pleasant. Who knew blueberries and kiwi tasted so good together?


I’ve been on a real kiwi kick lately, so I even got more kiwi on top! The frozen yogurt treat was so amazing! I am really sad that we have nothing like this around here because I could probably eat this every day. I will have to seek out the frozen yogurt shops next time I travel, for sure.

In fact, maybe I should quite my job and open up a frozen yogurt place? Any one in NC interested? jk…but how cool would that be?!

Ok, I’m off to enjoy some TJ’s wine & cheese pre-dinner, then dinner, maybe some DVR’ed Food TV, jewelry making, and another blog post!

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  1. mmm . . . pasta my fav! That place looks like yum. And omg I just went to a place in Vegas called yofrutto that is kind of like that one and I got kiwi too. Those are the best! So refreshing and light and it's fun to add your own mix-ins. I'd love to open one, I live in Vegas, but my mom is in NC 🙂


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