New Handmade Grocery Bag Testing

Well, I didn't end up getting to work from home today. *sad face* I did, however, wait out the rush hour traffic and go in late. I hate driving in bad weather and always get so freaked out on the roads. I do try to drive as calm as possible, just in case anyone is worried I'm a spazz behind the wheel…haha. Anywho, the accidents on the road totaled to about 12-15 at the time I normally left, so I waited until the # was down to 2, just after rush hour, to avoid the other crazy drivers (we really just don't know how to drive in the snow down here!)


Just like last time, I carefully snuck a couple photos while I was driving (my eyes were on the road and I held the camera in a general forward direction…don't try this at home kiddos!). Also just like last time, there were a handful of cars that had skidded off the roads, like the one in the photo above.


I got to test out my new bag (that I made yesterday) today, too! After work, I made a quick trip to Trader Joe's to do some more re-stocking. We really went through a lot of our pantry food when we had that $37 for the last week of February's food budget, so some shopping was definitely in order.


My handmade, fabric, grocery bag was a BIG success! Look at all the food that fit in there! I won't lie…it was darn heavy. I kept my hand under the bag as I walked back to my car because I was worried the bag would tear, but I made it home with my groceries safe and sound. Now, I just have to get started on my second bag so I won't have the same problem!

Groceries purchased:

  • frozen artichoke hearts
  • frozen edamame
  • frozen shrimp
  • Morningstar sausage patties
  • pickles
  • canadian bacon
  • sardines
  • 2 Clif Z Bars in chocolate chip
  • 2 Pure bars in Chocolate Brownie
  • Whipped cream

I didn't buy any fresh veggies since we're getting our organic produce delivery tomorrow…yay!

Btw, Kelsey, I wouldn't have gotten the MorningStar sausage patties if you hadn't give me that sample this weekend. Thanks so much for intro-ing me to a yummy new treat!

Oh, and the tempeh! Have you guys ever seen something in the grocery store that looks completely foreign and yet completely delicious at the same time? You have no idea what it is or how to cook it, but you do know that you want to try it? That's me and tempeh. After seeing it on a couple blogs, like Kath's, I decided to give it a go. I'm really looking forward to trying it! Next on my bizarre foods to try list: those mochi cakes in the refrigerated section of most non-traditional grocery stores.

I think I hear hubby's tummy growling, so I'd better get started on dinner!

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