SCBR Week 5/ Day 2 Food/Exercise Journal

9:00 am – Coffee + Maple-Brown-Sugar-Pecan-AB-Oatmeal – Full (7)


As I mentioned earlier, it snowed last night! I tried to take a photo of this morning’s eats with a shot of all the snow you could see from our window, but as you can see, it didn’t work. Anywho, due to the snow, I got a late start this AM. I stayed up waaaaay too late last night working on my bag and blog posts. I think I’ve derailed all my hard work to go to bed earlier, but I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things tonight.


I desperately needed some coffee this morning to get going. I brewed up some Fresh Market Breakfast Blend and enjoyed that with some sugar and 2% milk.


I also made myself a nice bowl of Maple-Brown-Sugar-Pecan-AB Oatmeal. The hot, gooey bowl of oats was so comforting to enjoy on this snowy day. I actually made myself full finishing all the oats and coffee. Who knew oats could be so filling?


Coffee – round #2.


I made sure to dress for the cold weather and put on some nice wool socks hubby’s big bro got me for Christmas this past year. They were super cozy!

11:00 am – Yogi Defense Tea – Content (5)


When I finally made it through the snowy/icy roads to work, I quickly brewed up some hot tea – Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support – with some honey. I also got my heater going! It was coooooold today!


Yogi tea quote of the day – “Man is as vast as he acts.”

1:15 pm – Spinach Salad, Babybel, Water – Content (5)


Lunch was on the light side today. We’re still low on food in the house and I knew I wanted to bring something so I wouldn’t have to brave the nasty roads any more than I had to. I think I was half-asleep when I put together this tiny baby spinach salad with about 6 baby carrots and some sliced almonds. I topped the salad with some salad dressing my co-worker let me have – Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette, which was very good.


Luckily, I knew I had more food at the office. I also grabbed a Babybel cheese, which was sooo enjoyable to eat. They are addicting, I swear! I also grabbed some water – a nice, full cup.

I had lunch while watching…can you guess? More Food TV! I caught the end of Barefoot Contessa and some of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.


I even got a sample of my co-workers Pacific Creamy Carrot Soup – about 1/4 cup. It was really good! I’m so glad I had hubby pick up a couple Pacific soup flavors, though I don’t think we got this exact one.

Lunch, though light, was actually quite satisfying…especially since I knew I had tons more snacks in case I got hungry.

3:30 pm – KIND Plus Antioxidants – Cranberry Almond – Content (5)


Later in the day, I started to feel hungry, but brushed off the feeling. By 3:30pm, I was feeling pretty light-headed, so I decided to add up my calories. I’d only had 500! 500 by 3:30pm! I know people have stereotypes about people who count calories, and though I am (now) trying to lose some weight and therefore make sure I don’t eat too many calories, I think calorie counting can be useful to make sure you don’t eat too few, too! I browsed my bar stash in my desk and settled upon this KIND Plus Antioxidants in cranberry & almond.


The bar was an awesome mix of crunchy nuts and puffs and chewy dried fruits and a sticky-sweet syrup that held it all together (I think it was mostly honey?). This bar would be great for those days when you want a bar with a little more texture. The bar also had a nice mix of extra vitamins.

4:00 pm – String Cheese – Content (5)


Shortly after enjoying the KIND bar, I felt a craving for something salty, so I grabbed a Sargento mozzarella cheese stick, which totally hit the spot!

5:30 pm – Walk with Bailey – Relaxed


We braved the snowy and icy sidewalks to take Bailey for a walk before dinner. He was quite fascinated with all the snowmen we saw, including this mound of snow, which appears to have been a snow-dog. I think the slightly smaller mound was a snow-cat?


The rest of the snow-family was in a different grouping.

Our walk was about 35 minutes long. I did about 10 minutes of strength conditioning when I got home, including 5 pushups to test out my wrist, which is feeling better. I used to do pushups all the time when I was training for skating and gymnastics…I can’t believe I only did 5! I don’t want to push it too much, though since my wrist has been bothering me lately. After conditioning, I did 10-15 minutes of stretching, which was nice and relaxing.

7:45 pm – Leftover Stir-Fry – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)

IMG_3452.JPG IMG_3453.JPG


Dinner tonight was decent, but what I was most happy about was the fact that I used all leftover ingredients to make it! 🙂 The package of pork that hubby got, which I used in yesterday’s dinner had 6 thin-sliced boneless pork chops, so we had 3 yesterday and 3 today. I also got to use the leftover rice pilaf from yesterday and some frozen mixed veggies and extra peas that had been opened for previous meals.

I cooked the pork chops by seasoning them with steak seasoning and sauteing them. When they were done cooking, I put them on a cutting board to rest a wee bit while I stir-fried the frozen veggies and rice pilaf in the same pan. While the rice pilaf cooked, I chopped the pork into bite-sized bits and then added it back to the stir fry. I wasn’t going to add any soy sauce since this wasn’t really an Asian stir-fry, but decided to add a splash at the very end.

I multi-tasked during the whole cooking time by doing the dishes when I had a free hand.


The stir fry was pretty tasty. Hubby seemed to like it. I mainly liked being resourceful and not wasteful of our food.


I just had water with dinner.


I had a little bit more for round #2.

9:30 pm – Hot Cocoa – Content (5)


I was so glad I got whipped cream at TJ’s earlier today because I was still feeling festive from the snowy weather and wanted to make more hot chocolate. I used Ellie Krieger’s recipe again, but with 2% milk since that’s what we have in the fridge. I made 2 big mugs for me and hubby.


The whipped cream really made the hot cocoa extra special and even more tasty.

Calorie Summary + Weight Update

Calories Eaten: 1428
Calories Burned: 127
Net Calories: 1301

I’m not a big fan of scales. All my life people have told me I don’t look like what I weigh. I like to thank skating for bestowing me gigantic leg muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat. I tend to have a lot of muscle (or did tend to) since I’ve been pretty athletic most of my life. Therefore, I weigh a lot for my size…at least that’s what people tell me. So, when hubby asked me the other day if I had weighed myself recently, I said no. I hardly ever weigh myself. I’ve gone years without weighing myself. I typically measure myself by jeans that used to fit a certain way and are either getting tighter or looser. Anywho, enough blabbing…I weighed myself the other day and I’m now 128.4. I’ve lost almost 3 pounds! My jeans are still fitting looser and seem to be getting a wee bit more loose every day. Yay!

I think I’m going to have to take photos of me in these jeans I keep talking about so you guys can see what I mean. I’ll try to get on that this week.

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  1. I was browsing your blog last night too and am curious to know more about your SCBR challenge. Is this something your hosting or that you participate in? Do you have a post or link with the details that you could send me?

  2. I'm curious…how tall are you and what is your weight goal(if you have one)? I always have to ask that question cause I'm just plain nosey!!

    The grocery bag is adorable!! I love it(but sorry, I'm not a sardine eater…)!!


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