SCBR – Week 6 Changes

Phew! After this week, I’ll be half-way done with the Small Changes, Big Results 12-week action plan. For those of you new to TCL, here’s my original post on the program (click). I’m also working on an SCBR page with more details and a brief history of moi and food and diet and weight and all that good stuff. I used to try to hide the things about me I thought were “flawed” but I’ve noticed that opening up allows people to relate to you, and when people can relate to you and your story, you’re more likely to inspire and help.

Anywho, enough blabbing, here’s the changes for Week 6:

  • Eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Walk with more intensity
  • Try deep relaxation or meditation

I feel as though I’m falling a wee bit behind in the program since there seems to be so much going on right now: work, blog, email, and other fun plans that I have yet to announce. 😉 I’ll do better this week! I’m actually even thinking of extending the program on my own to revisit some changes I didn’t do to a level I consider satisfactory and possibly even add my own changes in.

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