SCBR Week 8/ Day 1 Food/Exercise Journal

10:00 am – French Toast, Bacon, OJ, and Coffee – Content (5)


This morning started with the usual – coffee.


My mom also made the fam some WW French Toast and bacon, which she served with…


…some OJ.

Easter Service


As soon as we were done eating, we rushed to get ready for church. We made it a wee bit late, but got a seat. We were in the very front row on the left side of the church. This was my first time to my parent’s church, and it was beautiful inside. We stuck around after mass so I could snap some photos.


Inside the church.


There were some beautiful flowers in the center of the church.


Near the back of the church.


From the back of the church.




BIG doors at the entrance. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but this church has a rather modern design. There are some pretty cool design details throughout.

After church, we headed home to change, cook, and to go to a Filipino picnic.

1:30 pm – Filipino Picnic + GPS Adventure – Content (5)


After church, my mom and sister got started whipping up some food to take to the picnic.

IMG_5370.JPG IMG_5371.JPG

There was some major cooking going on in the kitchen this afternoon!


My mom made some Filipino sweet rice (one of my personal, all-time faves).


My mom set aside a mini serving, which I promptly tasted. I saved 1/2 for later.


My sister made some Japanese-stye fried rice, which I also sampled to ensure full deliciousness.


We made it to the picnic, but we were super late. Almost all the food was gone by the time we got there (Filipinos like to eat! 🙂 ).


There were tons of people at the picnic! We navigated our way to the food tables and dropped off our rice dishes. We quickly scrounged up some plates from what little food was left, and still managed to get some good eats. I watched my sister’s rice dish get attacked! That thing didn’t last 5 minutes! lol


We made our way outside to setup a picnic blanket and enjoy the sunshine. Here’s my savory plate.


Here’s my sweet plate.

Over lunch, my sister explained that she had actually been to this park before on a GPS adventure with a friend. She offered to show us the cache they found.


We headed over to a huge concrete structure.


We stepped inside to search for the cache and I looked up to see a view that reminded me of a scene from Interview with a Vampire , one of my all-time favorite books and movies. I read the book 3 times!


Hubby found the cache first.


Inside this was a tiny little container.


Inside the container was a scroll, which you’re supposed to sign and date.

I thought the GPS thing seemed pretty cool. I remembered hearing about it awhile ago and thinking it sounded like a neat idea, so who knows…maybe I’ll pick it up as a new hobby? Could be a fun adventure!


After the picnic, we stopped by our rental house so my dad could show off the courtyard he designed for it. He also wanted me to see these benches he designed with curved tops…


…and these other tall-backed benches.

I was really impressed with the whole courtyard design and the benches were pretty nifty, too.

5:45 pm – Grilled Cheeseburgers + Strawberry Shortcake – Full (7)


Later in the day, while my mom cooked cheeseburgers outside on the grill, sissy and I got started on shortcakes to make strawberry shortcakes. We just followed the directions on the back of a box of Bisquick to make the shortcakes.


Once the shortcakes were in the oven, it was time to eat! I had a grilled cheeseburger with a light spread of mayo and spicy mustard and ketchup, corn, green beans, and vegetarian baked beans.


After dinner was over, it was back to dessert!

IMG_5429.JPG IMG_5427.JPG

We got the shortcakes out of the oven and cut up some fresh strawberries, which we tossed with lemon zest, lemon juice, and sugar.


The shortcakes were a little flatter than we wanted, so instead of cutting them open, we just piled the strawberries and whipped cream on top.


We started with a layer of the lemon-soaked strawberries…


Then, we topped everything with a layer of whipped cream (Reddiwip ).


The shortcakes were too cute and tasted pretty good, too. They are such a great warm-weather dessert to me!


Hubby got extra-extra-extra whipped cream! lol

After dessert, hubby and I hit the road to head back home. I did manage to snag the rest of that sweet-rice mini-serving, which I promptly enjoyed upon returning home. Yum!

Easter weekend was busy, but we had a great time! How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?

7 thoughts on “SCBR Week 8/ Day 1 Food/Exercise Journal”

  1. I love this post! Everything looks so delicious and a lot of fun! It kind of makes me bitter that I wasn't able to take pictures of my Easter weekend…my camera broke!

    You post also inspired me to try Filipino cuisine. I just can't seem to navigate the asian food markets…

  2. What a great weekend and it seemed to revolve around food lol!

    Nothing special happened here, but I am getting back on track with my eating and exercise, started today 🙂

  3. what a great easter! sorry for my 8 billion comments to follow…i read this post and had so much to say to you LOL. first, the church looks beautiful!! second, that sweet rice looks amazing, i want some 🙂

    THIRD, my ex-boyfriend used to go geo-caching all the time!! he loved it. you should definitely try it again if you liked it.

    and finnnnnnnallllly, i love those strawberry shortcakes!! i make them with bisquick biscuits, strawberries & cool whip or whipped cream, almost just like yours.

    looks like you had a great weekend!!


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