TJ’s Tomato Chutney Chicken

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve fallen for many Trader Joe’s samples recently during my grocery trips.


Another of the many TJ’s samples I’ve fallen for recently is the Tomato Chutney. They had this sauce on sample at TJ’s mixed with chicken cooked in a slow cooker and it was delicious!


After a long week of work, I wanted to cook something quick and easy, and the Tomato Chutney sauce was sounding pretty good. I took a cue from TJ’s and decided to mix the sauce with chicken, but I took 2 boneless chicken breasts and cut them into bite-sized pieces. I seasoned the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and sauteed them over medium heat with a little olive oil till golden.


Once the chicken was done cooking, I added about 3 tablespoons of the Tomato Chutney sauce and let the sauce heat through in the pan, on medium-low heat.


Meanwhile, I cooked about 3/4 of an giant, organic zucchini (one we got in our home-produce-delivery) with 1/2 a small yellow onion with a little olive oil over medium heat.


I served dinner with some TJ’s La Boca Chardonnay, TJ’s white bean hummus, and TJ’s tandoori naan leftover from the other night .


Dinner was simple, quick, and quite tasty. Even hubby liked the Tomato Chutney – probably because it had a slightly spicy-sweet taste, and he loves spicy food. The veggies were nice and crisp tender and the hummus and naan make such a good pairing of flavors! The hummus especially helped cancel out some of the spicy of the tomato chutney sauce. Yum!

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