Bahamas Rehearsal Dinner (2008)

One year ago today, 5/23/08, we were in the Bahamas spending a lovely evening with family and friends over a fun-filled rehearsal dinner the day before our wedding. Here’s the story…


Hubby and I decided pretty early on in the wedding planning to go somewhere tropical for our wedding to do something different – we selected the Bahamas.


We got there a couple days early to meet the wedding requirements in the Bahamas and to meet all our vendors, do paperwork, etc.


I did my bridal portrait the day before the rehearsal dinner.


By Friday, all our friends and family were in town and we were ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


We knew beforehand that our rehearsal dinner was an outdoor beach bonfire, but it ended up being so much more than that. We were right on the beach.


I was worried about people letting loose and having fun, but the staff at the bonfire quickly took care of that with the unlimited Bahama Mamas and their first game of the night – the Hat Game.


Everyone stood in a circle and passed around a hat while music played…the object was to not have the hat on your head when the music stopped…if you had the hat, you were out. The game really got people going and was the start of a fun evening.


Down to the last 2 – they ended up each getting a prize for first and second place.


Then, it was time for the Sexy Knees Contest. Each of the guys had to roll their pants up above their knees.


Three of the girls were judges.


Each of the guys had to prove they had the sexiest knees to the judges.


It got pretty interesting. The looks on the guys faces in the background say it all. The winner ended up being the youngest of the group – he really had that I’m-an-adorable-kid thing going on. How could they pick any one else to win?


Next, we were on to a beach game. The boys got in 2 lines and the one at the end crawled under the others.


Then run down the beach a bit…


…spin around the bottles about 10 times…


…run back to the start…


…try to make it back without doing too much of this. I don’t even know who won this game, we (the girls) just had a good time watching and laughing at every one running around dizzily.

I took pictures of dinner, but since my camera magically disappeared the night of our wedding, I don’t have any and didn’t see any by our photographer. Oh well…there are lots of other good ones.


We also got to sample some fresh conch salad prepared on the beach. I didn’t try any because I was too worried about getting sick the day before the wedding…I’m paranoid like that.


As the night continued, the bonfire started up.


It was huge!


Next, we did limbo. Here’s my cousin rockin out the limbo line.


Then, we had a special presentation by a fire-eater.


Some of the guys got a little closer than they probably wanted to the fire.


Then, they taught us some Bahamian dances, which were super fun.


Cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, dollar!

We got to dance around a bit more on the outside beach deck and then it was time to head back to the hotel.


My cousin provided entertainment for the bus ride back to the hotel.

The next day was our wedding day! More on that next time

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