SCBR Week 12/ Day 2 Food/Exercise Journal

7:30 am – Coffee – Content (5)

I guess all that staying up late this past weekend really hit me, because I snoozed for an hour this morning! I left for work in a frenzy, which ended up lasting the entire day!

I had a cup of Fresh Market Breakfast Blend coffee to start my day while I was getting ready.

Then, I got to work only to find out that the 3 new people starting today would be “under my wing” so to speak since the lady who was supposed to be managing them was out sick today (hope she feels better…poor thing sounded so weak on the phone). I met with the 3 new guys from 9:15 – 10:10 am. Got to my desk at 10:10 to learn that I had 10:15 and then 10:45 interviews! The 10:15 called me around 10:14 saying they’d been directed to go to the wrong location, so we rescheduled for later, but the day didn’t slow down there. I had the 10:45 – 11:00 interview, then grab new guys at 11:15 for the 11:30 to 1:00 pm, which ended early except I had to meet with the new guys again. Then, I had a couple quick minutes to heat up lunch, then a 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm, then the 2:30 pm interview, and then a 4:00 to 5:00 pm…phew! Finally, I had a 5:30 – until happy hour with my company. Hectic day! Secretly, I really enjoy days when I’m crazy busy like this – I love a fast-paced environment and to be busy and challenged! 🙂

As far as breakfast eats, I did manage to down a blueberry Clif ZBar and a non-fat vanilla latte (I got non-fat instead of soy since the change for this week in SCBR was to switch to low-fat dairy). I also had a piece of chocolate b-day cake in our 11am meeting for all the May b-days on our team. Yea…we get cake once a month! 🙂

1:30 pm – Leftover White Bean Chili – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


As I mentioned above, I re-heated some white bean chicken chili for lunch, which I had with some more blue corn tortilla chips.

3:30 pm – Kiwi – Content (5)


Later in the day, I had a couple minutes and decided to eat a kiwi I brought to work. The kiwi wasn’t very good – the 2 I got from the same grocery trip weren’t that great…not sure what’s up?

I also tried to finish my bottle of water for the day.

6:30 pm – Belly Dance Zumba! – Upbeat


I went to my company’s happy hour for about 20 minutes, but left early so I could get a good workout in! I’m hoping to make all 3 classes this week, so we’ll see.

Tonight’s class was a belly-dance inspired sort of zumba class. Check out the belly skirt I got for this class! It’s so fun to wear because it really makes the hippy movements more fun.

Please pardon the sweat – I took this after the class and we had quite the workout!


Matching belly skirts!

9:00 pm – Leftover White Bean Chili – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


We had even more leftover white bean chicken chili for dinner along with corn


…along with some blue corn tortilla-based nachos. My half was rather plain, without salsa.

I have to say, I’m really missing my veggies right now, but we’re expecting a nice, hefty delivery of organic produce tomorrow, so we didn’t want to buy too much knowing we’ll be getting lots tomorrow. Besides that, we seem to be burning through our monthly budgets faster than ever – we really need to buckle down and pay closer attention to our finances!

Does any one else keep a monthly budget? If so, what are you tricks for staying on course?

4 thoughts on “SCBR Week 12/ Day 2 Food/Exercise Journal”

  1. I like busy days because they seem to FLY by!!!

    Umm, no budget help here. I haven't left "the nest" yet. But I always wonder if I'll have enough money for food when I get my own place someday…

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy it. It's obvious that you put a lot of time and energy in it. I'd never heard of Ellie Kreiger before reading your blog and decided to check her out. I was able to get The Food You Crave from the library and really like it. I'm waiting for her other book to come in. Thanks for all the inspiration. 🙂
    ps I LOVE your belly skirt!

  3. The workout looks like great fun. Have wanted to try something like that but I'm limited in rural NH for any organized dance workout.


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