A Last Minute Dinner Save

Got caught up working on other projects last night and forgot to blog about dinner! Oops!


But firsts, let me show you these beautiful blueberries we got in our organic food delivery on Tuesday – they are from the first batch of the NC blueberry season.


These babies were put to good use in an AM bowl of oats. Yum!


Moving on to last night’s dinner, I recently caught an episode of Lyon in the Kitchen where Nathan made a roasted veggie risotto with seared scallops. Since hubby recently picked up some scallops, I decided to do a play on Nathan’s dish.


I did a play on the dish by just using canned, diced tomatoes.


Hot risotto and steamy chicken broth in the background.

I also got some organic green beans and broccoli in the steamer while the risotto finished.


With about 2 minutes left, I decided to get out the quick-cooking scallops, but imagine my surprise when they came out looking like this. What in the world?! They don’t even look like scallops…they look like chopped up leftover seafood stuff.


I went with an emergency back-up – TJ’s frozen shrimp.


Phew! These cooked up nicely with red pepper flakes, fresh garlic, lemon zest


…and fresh-squeezed lemon juice…yum!


All together now – talk about a last minute save! The risotto and veggies got a little cool while I waited for the shrimp to de-frost and then cook up, but dinner was still quite enjoyable.

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