Long Day Dinner

Had another long day at work today, but they are always pretty long with so much work to do!! It’s good to be needed, though.

I was feeling extra tired today, so I went on a 15 minute trek during lunch to find some Smart Water…After checking about 5 stores, I finally found the silly stuff, but I think it worked because I felt better after drinking it.


I also geared up for zumba with this gnu foods flavor & fiber orange cranberry bar.


This thing was sooo tasty! I loved the texture – it was nice and chewy with bits of dried fruit throughout. The bar was also light on my stomach – perfect for a pre-workout snack IMO.

I spent another lovely hour at zumba class tonight and boy was I tired afterwards! If I go to all the classes I’m planning to attend, I’ll be zumba’ing 5 out of 7 days this week!! I stayed after class chit-chatting with a couple girlfriends before heading home and scheduling an appointment for my top secret project (will spill the details soon, I swear!) on my car ride home. Hubby thought we were doing separate dinners and had already eaten and I really really really wanted to just pick something up for take-out and not worry about cooking, but talked myself into just heading home.


We got another delivery of organic fruits + veggies today, so I decided to hit up the pantry again for dinner. When I saw the sweet potatoes, I wanted to make roasted potatoes, but since I didn’t want to wait too long, I decided to do a play on this recipe but in chip shape.


To spice things up, I added pepper and cayenne pepper.


The chips went onto the baking sheet and in the oven.


Meanwhile, I steamed some of the fresh organic veggies we got today – green beans and broccoli.


The veggies cooked nicely, but the sweet potatoes…noooot so much. I almost set off my fire alarm with this mess!


Luckily, I was able to salvage plenty of the maple sweet potato chips. They were actually pretty darn tasty – the hint of heat from the cayenne pepper was lovely and the sweet maple syrup…yum! The chicken was leftover from last night’s dinner, so I just re-heated it in the microwave.


Though there were some hiccups, dinner was overall fab-u-lous. I was really happy I decided to use up leftovers and cook from our pantry instead of picking up new food. We need to do this more often!

Dinner was enjoyed over a lovely DVR’ed Lyon in the Kitchen – this guy rocks!

4 thoughts on “Long Day Dinner”

  1. I had to stop the organic delivery in my neck of the woods. Too much going on with work etc. where I'm not really cooking as much as I'd like. Ugh!

    I caught part of an ep. of Lyon in the Kitchen – will have to pay more attention. For now, I've got to check out this TopChef Masters before I leave on vacay. Too much to do.

  2. I love cutting sweet potatoes up like that and baking them. Just so yummy. People don't know what they are missing!!

    I agree 100% on your thoughts about the gnu bar. : )

  3. Dinner looks great. We have baked sweet & regular fries frequently. They taste so much better than fried or bought and healthier too.

    Really? 5 out of 7 days working out…Go Girl!


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