Farmer Fresh + Friday Date Night


Yesterday, they had a small farmer’s market set-up in a common area near where I work, so I headed over with a co-worker to check out the goods. The stand was quite popular, as you can tell from the photo. I love hitting up farmer’s markets and stands for the fresh veggies and to support the local farmers. It’s one small way to go green.


I left with 2 small bags of goodies for Saturday’s lunch and a carton of strawberries.


While heating my sandwich up in the toaster oven at work, I decided to rinse off some of the strawberries I had just purchased. I figured the extra vitamin C just might give me some more energy for zumba after work.


Look at those vibrant berries!



After work, it was zumba time! We hit the floor hard for a most-awesome hour…such a great workout. I can’t wait for instructor training to learn more about the other side of zumba.


After work, hubby took me out for a little date night to PF Changs (one of my personal faves). I started with a cocktail that may now be my PF Changs go-to cocktail – the Asian Pear Mojito…it was delish!

I didn’t have my big camera with me, so these photos aren’t quite as clear as normal, but better than none, I suppose.


The PF Changs special sauce concoction – I used to rarely use this, but I find myself using it more and more each time I go.


Lettuce wraps – these are so addictive!


We totally got upsold by our waitress who suggested a few of her favorites when we asked about specials. We ended up going with the Mongolian Trio, which is really just the Mongolian Beef dish with shrimp and chicken added. We didn’t really mind being upsold, though, because we absolutely loved our dish. The Mongolian sauce reminded me of a light teriyaki – a bit sweet. Teriyaki is one of my fave Asian-themed sauces. We also really liked the combination the different meats – I had a little of each. I really liked the way the beef was prepared – a bit crispy and tender at the same time.


Brown rice rounded out the meal, which was fab-u-lous! We were so happy with dinner.

After dinner, we hit up the movie theaters to see Hangover . It was HILARIOUS! The movie was a bit vulgar, but there were many scenes that were just laugh-out-loud funny. Hubby had a special treat for us at the theater – he picked up some cupcakes from a local bakery earlier in the day and we ate them during the movie for dessert…they were so yum. I had vanilla (with real vanilla bean seeds) with uber-rich chocolate icing cupcake. It’s my fave combo from this particular bakery.

What a wonderful date night we had…maybe I’ll take hubby out to see Bruno …I can’t wait till that one comes out! I’m probably more likely to take him to Up first, though…I do love my cartoons!

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