Quick Healthy Chicken Pita Sandwich + Kath’s Kale Chips

This work week has been crazy busy with training and after work activities, but I’ve been having a great time and it’s been awesome getting to know my co-workers outside of work. Anywho, I’m a little behind, but here goes…

Zumba Instructor Training

Monday night was spent doing a love belly-inspired zumba class. I also signed up for zumba instructor training, which will take place in a couple weeks! I’m stoked…I’m not sure if I’ll like zumba from an instructor POV, but that’s sort of the point of this class…to see if you’re ready for more. The next step is getting officially certified and then finding somewhere to teach…we’ll see, but either way, I think it will be a great learning experience.

Healthy Chicken Pita + Kale Chips Dinner


I was super tired after work and wanted to make something healthy and easy. I decided to finally try some of those kale chips I’m always seeing over at Kath Eats .


I washed and spun-dried the kale pieces, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano.


15 minutes later I had these yummy-looking little guys.


Meanwhile, while the kale was in the oven, I seasoned some all-natural chicken tenders with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano (same spices as used on the kale chips to tie the flavors together).


Since I was feeling extra lazy/tired, I just threw the chicken tenders into an electric grill to cook.


While the chicken and kale chips cooked away, I prepared a simple sauce, inspired by this tzatziki sauce I saw on Lyon in the Kitchen . I mixed together some TJ’s lowfat plain yogurt, chopped dill, minced garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.


All mixed up.

Too bad I forgot the cuke! It still tasted good, though.


Once everything was cooked, I just had to assemble.


I was surprised that hubby ended up liking the kale chips…he ate them straight-up, but I preferred mine with a wee bit of ketchup. They were quite tasty and soooo easy.


Oh, and the pitas were really cool, too. I almost didn’t buy them because they weren’t “pita pockets”, but I read the bag for these babies which explained that typically the filling is placed on top of this style pita and wrapped around the filling. I got the wheat pitas this time, but they seem so darn crumbly…I may have to get the white ones next time (don’t tell my dad!).

All in all, a super simple, super tasty dinner…yum!

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  1. Aren't the kale chips so tasty? I even got justin to admit he likes them too! Good luck with the instructor class. If you get certified I may finally come out to a class 🙂


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