Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

In an effort to be more efficient with my money, I’ve kept the same phone for the last 4 or 5 years. Two years ago, hubby was one of the first to have the ever-impressive iPhone and oh how I was jealous. Though I wanted to cave in and get the iPhone when he did, I decided it would be better to wait, especially since my phone still worked. While my phone worked well while I had it, it was really crapping out on me towards the end.   The night that I knew I absolutely had to do something about my phone was when I was on the other side of the country, trying to meet my friend for dinner at Millennium, and my phone was starting to die before I even had time to figure out where to meet. Had things not worked out in my favor, I may have ended up completely stranded in San Fran with no phone and no friends.

The night my phone was dying in San Fran, I stopped by the AT&T store in search of a new battery. No dice (who keeps batteries for phones that old, right?). I stopped by RadioShack. They had the batter, but it was $50! All I could think was that $50 would make nice dent in the cost of a new phone, perhaps a new iPhone. I almost bought an iPhone that very night, but hubby told me he heard rumors a new iPhone was coming out later this summer. I decided to wait it out, but the longer I waited, the worse my phone worked. The phone stopped taking a charge. I could leave it plugged in all night and only have about 5 minutes of talk time the next day. Although a short talk time is bad, the worst part was how it started cutting out on me so I couldn’t hear the person on the other line. I’d be listening to a conversation mid-sentence when the phone conversation would suddenly to silence. Over the last couple months, I almost caved…several times.

But, good things come to those who wait (at least that’s what I tell myself after putting up with a barely working phone for 3-ish months of pure cell phone frustration) and when I heard the announcement of the new iPhone, I knew my patience would be rewarded.


Hubby and I went to the local Apple store after my zumba instructor training. The line was short (about 6 people ahead of us when we got into the line).


After a short wait, we worked with a specialist to pick out all my goodies. I got: the 16 MB white iPhone (white to be different), a pink case, and MobileMe (which I’ve used for all of 5 minutes and so far love).


Helllllllllloooooooooooo hotness!

For some reason, the contacts on my SIM card wouldn’t copy over to my new phone, so I had to spend about an hour and half manually adding all my contacts. The downside – losing an hour and a half of my day. The upside – a freshly cleansed contact list, which was automatically synced to my Mac. Sweet! I can’t wait to see what else this iPhone and MobileMe are capable of!

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