Zumba Instructor Training

Zumba Instructor Training yesterday was SO FUN! I have to say, I have a whole new respect for anyone teaching group fitness classes, especially the wonderful instructors I see every week. Teaching zumba is hard!


The training workout started with a Master Session, which was one and a half hours long and totally kicked my ass!


I was completely worn out, but luckily, I had a snack and plenty of water to help me make it through the rest of the day. Thank you Clif ZBar!


Yum! I felt a lot better after my snack. Girls in the class with heart rate monitors calculated they burned between 800-1100 calories from the Master Session alone!

The rest of the day consisted of lectures and working on specific areas (mirroring, cueing etc) in groups.


We had an hour long break for lunch, so I went with some girls to get something nice and light – a turkey sub with some Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. I also got sweet tea. I didn’t quite finish all my food, but I was thankful I had something filling but light on the tummy for the rest of the day.


Katherine was kind enough to model one of her mini oranges.


Isn’t it adorable?


A closer look at her Zumba bracelets…I want one! I want a lot of Zumba gear, actually. It’s all so cute!


We continued our lectures and workshops and even choreographed a new routine as a group to Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. I had so.much.fun at the workshop!!!!!!!!!

Being in the training today reminded me so much of going to skate camps when I was younger and training in figure skating 6 days a week. I truly miss my skating days, but I’m so glad to have found another creative-athletic outlet to focus my energy on. Whether I become an instructor or not, I learned a lot of great tips and techniques I can apply to my zumba workouts to make me jam harder and be a better zumba-er.


After class, I showered and went out with hubby for some shopping errands. I treated myself to a special, new workout top, which I may or may not debut next Saturday. 😉

I may or may not have made another big purchase after the top…

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