A Long Time Coming Shopping

Today’s been a good day with good eats and even better news.


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I went with some co-workers to take lunch at a local organic eatery, blynk . It may sound crazy, but taking lunch is a bit of a luxury for us – we usually end up eating at our desks during phone conferences, so to actually get out of the office is a really good thing.

I got a duo with a half simply turkey sandwich and onion/roasted garlic soup. It was super yummy.

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A lovely Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Energy bar gave me some ammo for my zumba class! I have to admit, I actually felt pretty tired throughout the class, but I pushed through and really tried to give it my all anyways. Mind over matter…it really works sometimes…or at least having a good willpower does.

I stayed late after class chatting with a zumba girlfriend, but managed to make it to Best Buy minutes before the doors locked to buy The Matrix soundtrack. I used to love listening to this CD a few years ago and it popped into my head recently. My CD became unusable a couple years ago due to scratching or whatever, so I had to buy a new one. I couldn’t find it on iTunes (along with some other oldies but goodies) so Best Buy came to my rescue.


By the time I made it to the grocery store, I was feeling pretty tired and hungry, so I just grabbed some thin-sliced chicken (cooks nice and fast), some cheddar cheese, and a roma tomato. Throw it all together, and you get this: sauteed spiced chicken, spinach salad (with tomatoes, feta, sunflower seeds, Rosemary Balsamic dressing), and flaxseed-wheat crackers with white cheddar cheese.


I even had a special treat that my zumba buddy gave me – a piece of her wedding cake, which they de-frosted for their 1year anniversary. How cool is that? It’s especially cool for me because hubby and I didn’t get to do the cake-top tradition since we couldn’t bring food in from the Bahamas.


This cake is also extra special because it’s a traditional Puerto Rican cake…nifty, no?! The cake tasted like it had


Hubby indicated interest in the cake, so I halved it with him and enjoyed my half with a mini mug of skim milk…Yum! Thanks K!! 🙂


See this? This is hubby’s iPhone. He bought his iPhone when the first round of iPhones were released. I wanted to get a matching phone, but alas, couldn’t at the time. I’ve had cell phone envy for the last 2 years…on top of that, I’ve been dealing with a phone that no longer holds a charge and cuts out on me in the middle of my phone conversations. I put up with my phone longer than I should have because hubby told me that rumor was that a new iPhone was coming out.

I almost went ahead and bought an iPhone when I was in San Francisco simply because my phone wasn’t getting the job done. It almost died on me the night I met up with my friends at Millenium, which would have been extra bad because I would have been 100% lost in a city on the other side of the country away from everyone I knew and with my friend’s cell phone # lost on my dead phone and no where else to stay. Luckily, the battery held out juuuust long enough for us to meet up, but I’ve through with my phone. It’s been a long wait since March, and I’ve almost caved and purchased the iPhone anyways a couple times, but I held out hoping the rumors were true – that there would be a new iPhone. Well, guess what…the rumors were true! There will be a new iPhone and it will be mine! The wait is almost over…phew!

Kate, pencil me in for the 19th. 😉

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