Michael Jackson – King of Pop

I still can’t believe Michael Jackson is no longer with us. I’m in shock that his life has been so tragically cut short.

Michael Jackson was my first major music obsession. When I was a little girl, I listened to his tape so many times and so often that I wore it out. I wore out a freakin’ tape! Have you ever heard of such a thing? My parents still laugh about it today.

Here are a couple videos…

Michael Jackson performing “Bad” live – I believe Bad was the tape I wore out, but I’ll have to confirm with my parents since that was so long ago!

Remember the Time – a great example of Michael’s creative genius – his music videos were like mini movies!

And, will anyone ever be able to compete with Thriller? I couldn’t find an embedable version, so here’s a rehearsal video with a wee-clip of a Michael home video. Neat stuff!

RIP Michael…we’ll always have your music.

What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?

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