Zumba-licious + Jam-Packed Weekend

Wow, this weekend has been crazy!

I knew Friday night that I had a full day ahead of me, so I tried to keep dinner healthy.

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I tried to keep dinner light with some TJ’s Wild Blue Shrimp and some veggies – organic squash and organic red onion from our organic produce delivery service.

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For our carb, I heated up this cool new Kashi product I found – 7 Whole Grain Pilaf. It took a mere 60-90 seconds and was ready like that!



First, I went to a boot camp class with a couple zumba instructors to assist with an 8-9am Saturday class.

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I didn’t want to have a full stomach whilst zumba-ing the morning away, so I just had a Clif Energy bar in Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.

It was pretty cool because I got to test out my cueing and mirroring skills and move around in the audience to try to help those who couldn’t see the lead instructor.


Then, we rushed over to Southpark for the Asana Zumbathon! I downed a protein bar and lots of water. Water so was KEY today because of all the exercising – especially the outdoor part. I found these awesome and affordable gigantic bottles of electrolyte enhanced water at Trader Joe’s the other day and got 2 for Saturday’s events.

The Zumbathon went from 9:00 – 10:30am, but we got there right at 9:30 for the last hour. Better late, than never, right? 🙂


I wish I had pictures, but alas, I left my camera in the car, so I found this one from Asana Activewear. The event was a blast! We’ll have to have one of those again soon. *crossing fingers*


After the zumbathon, it was time to gear up for my zumba instructor auditions. I got some hummus from a local restaurant because I simply love it and it’s pretty healthy.


I also got some fresh ingredients to make a delicious deli-style sandwich with a side of fresh, red pepper.


I used Great Harvest Dakota bread, smoked turkey, tomato, organic baby spinach, and muenster cheese. It was so awesome! Filling, nutritious, and energy-providing.


An hour before my audition, I made hubby and me a not-so-green smoothie with frozen, mixed berries, a banana, organic baby spinach, and skim milk.


Although I put spinach in there, I think the berries won out as far as colors go. Hubby didn’t even know there was spinach in the smoothie till I told him…teehee. 🙂

IMG_8388.JPG IMG_8390.JPG


I wore a top I got especially for auditions, my zumba pants and used a black, leather cuff as my statement piece. I thought it added to the whole zumba look. 🙂 As for auditions, they went really well. I was nervous, but I am just pleased that I did about as well as I think I could have. I had to do 3 songs with mirroring and cueing and then some interview-type questions. Mostly, I was proud of my dancing…I was worried about messing up the routines, but they went very smoothly. No word yet on the results, but I’ll let you know.


Later that night (yea, we’re still on Saturday…lol), we grilled out with friends.




We did grilled onions on top of our burgers.


Then, I topped my burger with a tomato slice, spinach, dab of mayo, mustard, and ketchup.


I had a real Coke in a bottle (tastes so much better, I think) to drink.


Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies were dessert.


After dinner, we headed out to the marina…


…for some night fishing….just as the sun was setting.


We didn’t catch anything…


…but we did have fun out on the water.

After night-fishing, we were ready to head home. I was sooo ready for bed after my extra long, but fun-filled day.

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  1. Sneaky Sneaky with the spinach! Mom and dad tried that with me and carrots but I could tell from the first sip that the smoothie didn't taste good, haha.


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