Our Evening Muse

Meet our muse for the evening – Matt MacKelcan (more on him in a bit):

Another long day at work today – had 6 hours of meetings back to back. One ended early, which allowed me to eat lunch…yay!


I normally go for Clif Energy or ZBars for pre-workout snacks, but I’ve really been liking these Gnu bars because of their great texture, yummy flavor, and low-ish calorie count (around 130-140).

I decided to try a new Gnu Bar flavor & fiber bar in Chocolate Brownie Bar.


At first, I thought the flavor of the bar was just-ok, but it really grew on me as I ate it more. I do prefer the fruity flavored ones more, though, I think. I did still really enjoy the chewy, grainy texture of the bar.

After work, I grabbed a zumba friend to hit up a new zumba class I’d never been to before because it always seemed so far away from me. Turns out it was only about a 20 minute drive…nice! I had a lovely hour long zumba class which I rocked out with my hair down. Our main instructor always dances with her hair down and does all the fun hair-flips that I cannot quite replicate. Today, I just ran out of hair thingys and couldn’t find a single one in any of my bags or at home or at work. Guess I need to go hair accessory shopping?


After zumba, I showered, changed, and met up with some friends for a pre-band-gig-show at Cabo Fish Taco


I’ve wanted to try this place for the longest time and was so thrilled to finally make it.


I knew I had to have fish tacos (duh! I always try to get a restaurant’s specialty), so I went with the Blackened Mahi Mahi version.


We started with tortilla chips and a corn salsa


…and slighty-spicy queso. You guys know how much I love a good cheese dip – sometimes nothing beats nice, hot, melty cheese on salty corn chips, no?


Drinky-drink – mojito – a drink that is quickly becoming a fave of mine.


My fish tacos!


A closer look. The fish tacos were so good – esp that cilantro white sauce! I thought the mahi mahi was really well-seasoned and cooked, as well.


My side dish – black beans and rice (and corn – which wasn’t part of the side description but a welcome addition)


Our friend, Tim, digging in.


After dinner, we headed to a neighboring bar for a couple drinks (them, not me…I was the DD).


Then, we headed down the street a wee bit more…


…to The Evening Muse where our friend’s friend was playing.


Matt MacKelcan and his band rocked it out tonight and we so thoroughly enjoyed their music, hubby purchased their CD.

Though I tend to lean towards being a homebody on weeknights, I was glad to be able to come out to support our friend’s friend’s band and switch it up from our norm. Great times…we need to do stuff like this more often!

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  1. Sounds like a fab night! I always stay home one weeknights but I think they may be the most fun and I may have to change that 🙂

    I loooooove Mahi Mahi but my boy refuses to eat it, maybe he'll go for it in taco form!?


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