Chia Seed / Blueberry Oatmeal

I’ve been having fun playing with chia seeds in my food. You’d think I was doing submissions for my Weekly Food Challenge, but alas, I didn’t plan our my food-playing well enough to do so. The good news is that I plan on starting my Weekly Food Challenge back up and chia seeds will be featured in a couple weeks. If you don’t have any yet, get you some! I hear they’re hard to find.

Back to my post…


I’ve been enjoying the blueberries I picked from the farm awhile back in my morning oats. I froze all the ones I couldn’t eat immediately and have found through experimentation they cook up quite nicely in oatmeal.

General directions: Just place a handful of frozen blueberries in the bottom of a bowl (no de-frosting necessary!). Top with old-fashioned rolled oats (I use 1/4 cup) and water (I use 1/2 cup). Stir. Microwave for 2 minutes. Done-zo! Ok, not tototally done…done cooking but I add a wee bit of sweetener – sugar or agave – and some skim milk. Stir. Now enjoy!


Having loved how my chia seeds plumped up in that Chia Fizz drink, I wondered if they’d drink up the water from my bowl of AM oats, too. To this particular bowl, I added the usual handful of frozen blueberries, a pinch of golden flaxseed (I know they should be ground, but I like the texture of them whole), and a pinch of chia seeds.

Following general directions above: Top with oats and water. Stir. Microwave. Stir. Add drizzle agave and some skim milk and stir. Top with ground flaxseed. Yum!


Here’s what it looks like just after microwaving. I love how the pretty purplish-blue swirls start showing through the oats.


The end result ready to be enjoyed. Delish and nutrish!! 🙂

Oh…and the chia seeds…they did plump up quite nicely! I really enjoyed them cooked into the oats and will definitely enjoy them this way again soon!

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  1. YUM! I'll have to try the chia seeds in the micro like that! I threw them into stovetop oats a few times. I find that if you let the oats sit after you add the chia seeds for like 5 minutes it really makes things puff up!

    YAY for the weekly food challenge restarting 🙂


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