Organics Not as Healthy? I Think They Are.

Yesterday, I found an article, “What does it mean if organic food is no healthier than regular food?“, on a news site saying organic foods are not as healthy as regular food. Since they didn’t publish any calculations or statistics on how their study resulted in this conclusion, I can’t say how they’re quantifying how “nutritious” or “healthy” the foods they researched are.

If what they mean is that an organic tomato has the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as a regular tomato, then I say, “No duh!” I don’t necessarily expect an organic tomato to have more, for example, Vitamin C than a standard tomato.

For me personally, I try to buy organic food because I want to avoid the pesticides, hormones, and whatever else can be used to grow non-organic foods. I prefer local foods because supporting local businesses supports your community and can help reduce your carbon footprint, since local foods don’t have to travel as far (or use as much gas, etc.) to get to you.

I prefer to eat locally grown/raised, pesticide-free, hormone-free foods and though they may not be more “nutritional”, as far as amounts of vitamins and nutrients, I do think they are “healthier.”

And btw, there are some other people who do seem to have opposing views from the article linked above. Here’s a post called “Fruits and vegetables yielding fewer nutrients than in the past.

7 thoughts on “Organics Not as Healthy? I Think They Are.”

  1. It was so great to meet you last night!! Thanks for letting me join the par-tay! Also, your pics are beautiful!
    As for the organic thing, I am with you-I buy organic when I can in order to avoid pesticides, regardless of the other health benefits.
    Have a great day!

  2. I definitely agree with you about organic food. I've never thought that organic food is healthier for us because they provide more nutrients/vitamins than conventionally grown, rather, I feel that they are better/healthier for us because they aren't full of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. Timothy LaSalle wrote an excellent article in response to the study called, "Organic Food Is All That, and More. Just Eat It.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I completely agree with you. I don't go for organic foods because of what they DO have, more so for what they DON'T have. Though, the article that I read about this topic didn't state, "organic foods are not as healthy as regular food", it said that organics don't offer additional vitamins and minerals beyond non-organic foods. No where did it claim that organics are LESS healthy than non-organic.

  4. prettygreengirl just blogged about this too. It's about buying locally and supporting the farmers and ensuring you keep all the nasty pesticides and crap out of your body. I'm not perfect when it comes to farmers markets, but when I have free time to go I'm so there.

    Every bit helps right

  5. I totally agree with you! How can peticides and chemicals be better for you in any way? Buying organic means less pesticides in you and less on the Earth… can't go wrong there!


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