Chia Seeds

Remember that Clean Eating Magazine I found awhile back?


I finally found some chia seeds (and some golden flaxseed while I was at the store) to make that recipe I want to try!


I’m also curious to research what other yummy things I can make. Turns out chia seeds were in my Yogi Tea Goji Berry Cereal I’ve been snacking on, so I’m thinking chia seeds will be a nice addition to my cereals, etc.

We’ll see…

Do you have any good chia seed recipes?

3 thoughts on “Chia Seeds”

  1. just in smoothies. Have you tried Dryer lint?

    Chia seeds soaked in liquid of choice for 5 -10 M
    avocado (1/2)
    1 C frozen berries (of choice)

    can stop there or keep adding other items, maybe banana

    it's CREAMY and so so so heavenly

    ad a blob of almond butter for added MMM



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