Justin’s Showstopping B-Day on the Lake

We headed out to the lake today to celebrate a friend’s b-day. Justin’s wife, Emily, was sweet enough to rent a pontoon boat for the day for Justin and some of their friends. As I type, I feel a bit like I’m still on the boat, like the floor beneath me is rocking back and forth just so…


The weather today couldn’t have been better. The skies were blue and the temp was around 92 degrees F. Perfect-o!


The part of the lake where we were had some jet ski races going on all day. There were jet skiers and people everywhere!

At one point, we headed back to this dock area to pick up a late partygoer and just as we pulled away from the dock, our engine totally cut out on us. See where those people are all lined up on the dock? They’re all staring at the starting line up – 7 jet skiers ready to take off to race for 5 minutes circling around bobbing floats. We ended up floating out just at the end of the dock in this photo…right in front of those jet skiers waiting to take off! We got stranded there for a couple minutes…long enough for the announcer to start commenting about how we were blocking the race, etc. etc. They were pretty cool about it, but talk about “show-stopping!” lol 7 jet skiers and a crowd of a couple hundred staring at us as we helplessly float in their way.

We eventually figured out the problem and were back on our way.


Here’s the scene as we finally pulled away from the docks.


We snacked and snacked all day. Justin’s fave cake is cookie cake, so Emily was sure to have one of those on board. I happen to think these things are pretty darn tasty, too!

Our day at the lake was fun and we were glad to be there to celebrate Justin’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Justin!!

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