Clean Eating Mag: Black Bean Fajita Meatball Pitas

My second Clean Eating Magazine meal planned for the week was their Black Bean Fajita Meatball Pitas.



I got my ingredients together including some of my farmer’s market veggies and some Stonyfield Oikos Plain Organic Greek Yogurt that I got using those coupons they sent me recently.



I used the yogurt, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime to make a cilantro yogurt sauce.


Dinner started off pretty smoothly. The meatballs are made with ground black beans, lean ground beef, garlic, and spices.


But then…the meatballs started crumbling!! Noooo!!!!!!

I could tell early on that some of the side veggies wouldn’t fit inside the pitas I got (would have been nice if the recipe had the pita size on there), so I didn’t bother cutting up the tomato or avocado – figured I could use those later in the week.


I decided to eat the pitas a little bit, almost open-faced style.


I mean, look at those meatballs in the pita…I barely squeezed those in let alone the green pepper and onion I sauteed up.




Once I dug in, things got a little messy, but this meal was sooo good! I can’t believe the magazine estimated both pita halves to be a mere 330-ish calories! I guess those black beans in the meatballs really healthified things.

I have a handful of extra meatballs leftover from this dinner. I saved 4 for lunch the day after and the rest I froze for later. Hopefully, the leftovers re-heat nicely.


See the drinky-drink in the background? Can you guess what it is? That post up next!

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  1. chia fizz?

    omg that looks so yummy, but i'm scared of raw meat, like i won't buy it because i won't cook it (because if i do then i won't have the stomach to eat it… i'm weird)… think it'll work with those fake meat crumbles?


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