Kime’s No Sugar Added Apple Butter

I purchased some Kime’s No Sugar Added Apple Butter the other day to make that Clean Eating steak dinner .


I’ll admit, I selected this product primarily because it was the only apple butter in the store, but I was happy enough with it to not make a trip to another store for more options.


I liked the short ingredient list (ingredients: fresh apples and apple cider), how the label touted “No Sugar Added” and “No Preservatives“, and the price ($2.99) wasn’t too shabby either.


We’ve gotten in the habit of writing the date we opened pantry-like items on the lids and containers. I always forget when I opened something and I get paranoid of spoiled food easily.


I decided to break from one of my staple breakfasts (nut butter on Great Harvest toast) with a lil compromise – a mostly-Trader-Joe’s-Valencia-Peanut-Butter-covered slice of Great Harvest Flax Oat Bran with a smaller broken off piece covered with the Kime’s Apple Butter. I also had some Fresh Market coffee (1/2 Breakfast Blend and 1/2 Summer Breeze) with some Morningstar “sausage.”


The apple butter was way better than I expected. It was sweet without being too sweet and I thought the texture was nice and smooth. I was looking forward to oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast, but may have to switch over to more apple butter toast.

I hear Kime’s Cider Mill makes a pumpkin butter, too. I’ll have to look for that in the fall…it sounds delish!

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  1. I have that apple butter! I was quite surprised at all. I still find myself drizzling it with a bit of maple syrup when I put on toast or in my oatmeal.

    I love the idea of writing the date you open jars!!! I need to do this! 🙂


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