De-Cluttering the Junk…err…Craft Room

So embarrassing to share this with you (and I think I even may have before), but my craft room is a bit of a disaster.


Exhibit A – Junk Craft Room

Some days, I don’t even know how this room got to this point. When I graduated from college, I had almost nothing. Now, I have stuff busting out of the seams of my tiny 2-bedroom apartment. When hubby and I first started out house-hunting, we wanted a “big” house to fit all our my stuff. But, these days, I’m starting to think that a big house isn’t the solution. Is the problem that our space is too small or is the problem that I have too much stuff? I used to lean towards the first answer. Now, I’m leaning towards the latter.

I think the real issue is that I simply have too much.

Hubby and I spent a couple hours today sorting through the craft room.


We managed to pull out a huge pile of stuff to donate. I like to think that donating my stuff allows people who really need it (there’s some useful stuff in there!) to have it rather than me just hoarding it away in storage.


One thing I learned awhile back on neat is that sometimes, you have to learn when your inspiration is blocking your creativity.

One prime example of this is my collection of Martha Stewart magazines. I love Martha’s ideas, but keeping so many magazines is taking up a lot of prime real estate in my apartment and quite frankly, my apartment is so clutter-y, I’m too busy de-cluttering to even look through these! I think they need to go. In their place, I hope to buy the Martha Stewart Best of books that compile the best ideas from her magazines into small and neat books. I actually already have a couple and love them. She also does compilation magazines once in awhile, too!

In general, I think I have so much stuff in the way everywhere that I can’t function efficiently. My goal for this year is to simplify my life and my stuff. I’m taking big strides to down size this year. I’m hoping this will make my life healthier and happier and allow me to have more time to just live.


Hubby and I were so happy with our progress today, we celebrated with Ben & Jerry’s (my current summer treat obsession). He got a smoothie and I got the Half-Baked Froyo…yum!

Does any one out there have a “simple life”? What are your tips and tools you use to keep your life in order?

5 thoughts on “De-Cluttering the Junk…err…Craft Room”

  1. Great work! I wouldn't say that I have a "simple life" per se – but I do try to lead an organized one 🙂 For me if I don't have a "spot" for something, or I can't visualize exactly where I would keep it, I don't buy it. If I get something new, I try to get wrid of something old.

  2. Wow… good job.

    First, omg that's my fave flavor! Uhoh, now I have a craving!

    Second, one thing with magazines that I do is buy a big binder and some of those plastic inserts and just cut out the pages I like. Then I organize them by subject. I usually do this with exercise magazines so my categories are like strength-abs, and cardio- gym, etc.

    I live in a teeny (overpriced) studio so I feel you on the small spaces. Another thing I do is to pick up/clean/etc. 10 things every day. That could be as simple as organizing 10 of the books on my shelf. Then one night a week I look around and get rid of whatever I don't need. Sunday's paper on Tuesday, gone! It helps to just do small things all the time because getting motivated to clean the whole thing can be hard!

    Hope that helps!

  3. my hubs and Iare constantly "thinning" things out… I stay away from "stuff-marts" completely..and I am pretty much a "needs only" kinda shopper. we give a LOT away to charities… that kinda thing

    It takes time and practice…but worth all the efforts to simplify your surroundings..AND it's a lifestyle, not a one time task! I guess its about prioritizing what you really WANT/STUFF vs. STUFF!

    (right now we are thinning out books we havn't looked at for a while and plan on giving them to our local library)

    Happy Monday

  4. Your craft room reminds me of how my "office" (aka second bedroom) used to look. Just like your Martha Stewart magazines (didn't even know she had one, but I now will check it out!) I had piles and piles of Psychology Todays, Glamour and SELF mags taking up three shelves in the office! I recycled them, and felt better immediately. I lead a pretty simple life, clutter really bothers me, especially in the kitchen (my kitchen is ALWAYS clean) but I just take it day by day 🙂 Mmmm I love ice cream!

  5. Doesn't it feel amazing though to clean and organize? Or is it just me? LOL.

    I had the same collection of Martha Stewart magazines. When I decided to purge, I went through each magazine and ripped out the projects/articles/photos/recipes that inspired me and put them in a binder.


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