Happy Birthday Bailey!

Today is Bailey’s 2 year birthday! We’re thinking of getting some friends together to hit up the Dog Bar this weekend, but I’m trying to figure out when to fit it in with everything else we’re doing!

Anywho, here are some photos from today’s festivities:




Bailey’s day started off pretty good when, this morning, I put a dab of one of his favorite treats, peanut butter, in his kong (a hollow toy you can put treats into for your pooch). Sometimes, when I make PB/AB toast in the AM, Bailey brings his kong into the kitchen and drops it repeatedly at my feet as though to say, “Hey woman…put some in here!”

Lucky for puppy, while mommy (that’s me!) was busy at work, an appointment, and then phone conference (that lasted till 8pm), daddy (aka my hubby) went out for treats. Lucky for me, he waited till I had a free moment to give the treats to Bails.


Bailey was very excited about what kinds of treats we had in store for him. He jumped up to see what daddy was up to. He is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a wee-bit too short to reach the top of the counter.



First up – a new alligator in a Hawaiian shirt squeaky toy. (He has been treating this toy like his new “baby” all night! haha)



Birthday cake!



This is his “please lemme-at-it!” face.



After cutting the cake in half and reserving a half for later, we did let him at it! He gobbled that cake down faster than you can say “Slow down!” At least he liked it. 🙂

Happy Birthday Bailey!

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  1. Happy birthday bailey!! You'll have to give me more details on the cake! I'm sure that yogi would love one for his first birthday in December!

  2. Happy Birthday Bailey! I thought he was just one year. Wow 2 years have flown by! He is just as cute as ever! My parrots have one of those Kong toys too! They're great!


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